• Luke Dillon

Who do you think is doing well?

So if you read the last post or have been watching our Instagram you would of seen how I have been talking about releasing more content and thinking of video. I see a lot of people share pages whens someone is trying to get to a certain amount of followers, or share a post when they have been tagged or the one that actually annoys me the most the spam like shout out.

Now I have been thinking and one thing I have wanted to do is talk about car owners, creators (photographers, graphic design and videographers) and business in the automotive industry. Discussing what they do, how good their services are and stuff like that. So I am going to start following builds/cars, photographers, videographers, graphic designs and talk to them about what they do and have their work on our stories and other forms of content. It is hard to truly explain through words and is something I need to show but what I want to know from you is.

What creators are killing it right now?

What car builds are on the rise?

What business do you think are smashing it with their services or products?t

The potential for this is crazy and I honestly think this will push big business to keep up as the younger businesses strive to go after them. It keeps photographs on top of their games but also means they get the credit they deserve and for owns it can get their car out their but also give new people ideas.

Tell me what you think and I would love to hear form you!

Luke // Kingdom