• Luke Dillon

Where has Kingdom been?

So Kingdom hasn't been very active on the content side right now, it is not down to a lack of content or not much going on, it is just in the week I work on Kingdom in the evening and lately I have had a lot of work on at the weekends. Due to the time of year I have been focusing more on the back end of the business and creating everything for the next year so when the main show season starts I can focus on that. So over Christmas and throughout January I have been designing and ordering packaging, choosing clothing samples, designing new stickers, choosing a few new products, developing the car calendar and planning out what I want to release over the year. I am to drop a load of products this year then nothing new next year, maybe a second design tee or hoodie but probably not.

So the products we will be releasing are

Classic Sticker

Euro Sticker

JDM Sticker

JDM Sunstrip

Slap Sticker


T Shirt



Key Tag

I am also talking with another company about a organising a few meets along with a couple of photo driving days. We aim to be at a tone of events and at least 4 club stands, I have currently booked for one and I know for sure we have two more within the year, I am not looking to have a stand unless the price is right. I aim to go to more variety as I do not want to content or event we go to all be the same, so the main thing I will be looking at going to is JDM and new events that I did not attend in 2018.

Regarding Kingdom we also will be offering the car calendar again, as well as new stuff! We now will have an online car show that means you guys get to pick your favourite car from different shows. We will pick 8 and you lot can decide on Instagram, all the cars will then be put into a monthly 'online show' and again you can pick your favourite, until we get down to one and then they will win that month. Then there will be a final 8 winners from each month that then will be put into a final draw, so you have the chance to win a month prize and a year prize.

We will also be looking into creating videos and a podcast later in the year I just want to plan context/content that can actually make it worth while.

If you have any ideas or even would like to help please say, I like to talk about Kingdom and the plans but also the failures within the company or issues I see within the car world. Hopefully things can change and Kingdom can grow nicely over the years.

Check out the website and have a look around!