• Luke Dillon

We want your builds!

We want your builds! We are looking to grow the content that is on the socials/website so there is more to find out about and do what we set out to do. So the big question is do you have something special or are you building something special. We are looking for restoration, show cars, track cars and off road vehicles that are a little bit different to when they came out the factory.

We will come and photograph your car and do a full write up and check with you before publishing, we aim to start talking about it in our podcast (when it comes) and do a video of the car. This is something I want to grow and I want variety of cars to capture and talk about, I do not really want to focus on new cars as I think most people do a good job of that and its focusing more on worldwide than just uk based content.

If you have something you think is worthy of talking about make sure to contact us!

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