• Luke Dillon


Yesterday we were at Ultimate Stance and to be honest a few days before the event I thought it was just a small car show in Telford. After looking at the sponsors and some of the pre-night IG stories it was confirmed it was a lot more. For the first time in a long time there was a zero wait to park and I know it would be a good event just by some of the cars in the multi story car park.

After a small queue and £15.00 later we were in the event, what is interesting is how you can walk around the club stand and the early arrivals for free and I think there were a lot of local people who did that. What is good about Ultimate Stance is the variety but also how there is an outside area as well breaking up the event but also separating the mass of people.

The major issue for me was trying to photograph the cars, the bright carpets under the cars and the mass of people did not help but thats from a photography point of view not a visitor. However there was some cracking shots if you could be patient enough. Ultimate Stance has the perfect location with local facilities inside and outside the venue means you can come for a few hours or stay for the whole weekend.

The big names were there from Auto Finesse to Tucked and one of my favourite companies right now, Sam's Detailing. What was specially cool was the VIP room, that has a select few cars that were built to another level. One thing I really liked was Slam Sanctuary booth set up with the Forza and sofa. Scarily enough I had only been talking about having a booth with interaction like that only hours before. I think this is something you may start to see more as many more stands and booths appear with the same aiming of trying to sell the same range of items.

There were many cars to choose from when it come to favourites with some very clean builds, personally I was looking more at the whole event and did not focus on just one thing. However there were a few cars that stood out and I managed to get a few. Next year we will be diving deeper into the cars at shows and picking a few favourites.

From the photos I have shared you can tell which were my favourite and they will be more appearing on our Instagram & Facebook. However my favourite from the event had to be this Green RS3, something about how it sat and the vibrant screen just made me a fan. The Fifteen 52 in chrome and the carbon front splitter are a few of the many details that tie the build together.

Now I do not want to ramble on too much as I really do not know that much about the show scene as this is our first year of many things including shows. However the big question is would I go back next year, the answers yes and I will also be back for Ultimate dubs. I think it is a great location and to me Ultimate open and close the show scene. I like how early and late the shows are in the year and it opens up the possibilities for more shows. Being Telford based allows people from south and north to come and being from the midlands it is too far for me. The variety is good and there is lots of stands and rooms there to go through, I would say you can easily be there 4 hours and being next to the shopping centre means you can go and grab food after.

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