• Luke Dillon

Ultimate Dubs 2020 - Car show opener

For many Ultimate Dubs is one to look forward to. The start of the show season year with new builds, new brands, and some old faces. An event that I look forward to due to the location and time of year but not a personal favourite of mine.

If you attended Ultimate Dubs or Ultimate Stance in 2019 the same layout and theme throughout along with a large number of people which great to see but if you're looking to take photos, then it is best to go the Saturday evening before. As you will be doing a lot of waiting around.

I arrived with a friend at 7am due to them being on a club stand and by 2pm I wanted to go home as like most car shows once you've looked at everything you are ready to leave. I do think Ultimate Dubs needs to restrict what cars are allowed into the club stand as it still needs to have interesting cars, not just basic cars. Also, make it look more interesting than an angled car park. Allow the clubs to position the cars more and let less in but give more room allowing more of a showcase atmosphere.

Inside had some great cars however due to the overwhelming number of people I didn't take many photos and took more time in enjoying the event. However one car... well I say car more was this Monster Energy truck. Do not know what it was packing or what it was for but it was cool.

Apart from that, I do not have much to say about the event, it was very much like last year and I would probably go to other events if they were on or miss out if it was later in the year. Let me know your thoughts and if you enjoyed it.

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