• Luke Dillon

Ultimate dubs 2019

The long wait is finally over, the UK show world we is back where we finished off last year, Telford! Last time Ultimate stance this time Ultimate Dubs! Even though it is March I woke up to a sprinkle of snow on the car, this was something I did not expect or wanted when on route to UD. However the weather stayed dry for the majority of the day with people turning up in the hundreds, it was clear that Ultimate Dubs was going to be a big start to the show year.

Like normal I forgot to buy a ticket online and had the joys of paying more than online and having to queue to get in. Whats good about UD is the public area outside is free and you do not need a ticket to walk around and if I am honest it is a show in itself.

But the cars inside are on another level with the majority being dubs. What I really like about UD is a lot of people have been hustling over winter improving their cars up to a new levels and you could certainly tell yesterday. I regret not going the day before from a photography point of view because the mass of people. It makes sense why it is so busy but UD needs to improve the queueing into the place and develop some more organisation to reduce the waiting time.

Not only just the owners had been improving their cars but also some brands, new items, new clothing, new business but the one brand that stood out to me was ILB Driver Club. With their awesome wooden stand, a very interesting and different perspective to a stand, I will be interested to see if they keep this stand as it looks like it would take a lot to set up however it is worth it and I look forward to seeing their outdoor set up.

Personal car pick from the show would be this ever so clean MK1 Golf on the MK1 Golf Owners Club. Starting off with the colour, a more modern colour in my opinion but suits the golf with a retro feel. The clean lines throughout the body of the car and semi shiny wheels putting the overall outside look of the car together. The arches sit nicely over the wheels front and back with a gutted boot in the same colour teal colour.

Overall Ultimate Dubs is a great event and is worth the £17.50, local restaurants means you might as well grab food outside instead of paying event food prices. Save by going online that is worth it as you can skip a 30 minute plus wait in a queue. Ultimate Dubs is a great way to start the event year and I will be curious to see what their 2020 plans are due to the turn out yesterday. I know for sure I will be trying to get early access the day before so I can get more photographs as I feel I did not get enough or see enough of the event due to the mass of people.

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