• Luke Dillon

Trax silverstone - Our first club stand

Yesterday had an early start with a long day at TRAX. Now the day was brilliant however, it did not start off this way. Our show cars got together before starting the drive down country, now we were making good time until we were 5 miles out from Silverstone. This is were we hit one giant line of cars all going to Silverstone. The police had made a single lane into two lanes however due to the mass of cars this did not help. You would think Silverstone roads would be designed to take a mass of traffic. To think this place holds the F1 that is on a whole other level to TRAX is crazy, this traffic cost us for over an hour and 20 minutes that meant two of the cars missed their track slot. However when we arrived, both drivers were able to change their slots to the end of the day that was good of TRAX to do.

After a stretch and a few photos of the club stand it was time to look around. At first glance I thought that TRAX was small, until I walked over the bridge and saw that we were in the smallest part. I do not know how many cars were there but TRAX sold out and you could tell. With a variety of JDM, German, British and even the odd America muscle there was enough variety for anyone. This is my second TRAX event and it has made me start to appreciate JDM cars more although it has made me not want to ever join a club stand that is just of one sort of manufacture or model or even colour as it does not help show your car off. Any club stand that had one certain car I just walked past because its just same old stuff. What I like to see on a club stand is variety and individuality not the same old stuff, plus it makes certain cars look less appealing as I have already seen 10 blue vauxhall astra and one could be a 500 bhp track weapon but because there is 20 others next to it, the car is not noticed.

We had our own stand with a variety of builds and cars, with some stand cars as well. If you saw our stand or took any photos of anyone on our stand make sure to send us the photos so we can share. With everyone and give you some notice and credit! At Trax there is not just club stands, as well there is trade stands and stores like most shows to buy stuff from. What the main purpose and attraction of TRAX is the open track and for as little as £35 you can enjoy 20 minute in your own car on track. To say you have been on track at Silverstone is something not everyone can say. When public are not on track the drift boy and girls were, this was something that made the day for me as there is pure talent in what they do as I for sure would not send a car sideways down a straight.

Before I knew it the day was over and judging by Instagram I still missed a load more cars, that just goes to show how big the event is. Overall it was an awesome day out and I think a lot of that was down to been on a club stand with other. I do not think it is worth £25.00 even though they give you a free magazine and T-shirt I would rather pay less and buy them separate as it is something I am not interested it. Although it is good that you can have your car on display as you are able to be there before everyone else and see everything that is going on then watch the racing and go at your own leisurely pace. As a customer I do not think again it is worth the £27.00 , yes there is a lot of cars and some racing but a apart from that you need to spend more to do something. We will be next year with another club stand as it was awesome and make sure to join us next year! If you have any questions then send us a message!

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