• Luke Dillon

Trax Donington

Last Sunday we were at Trax Donington, this was the third time I was at Donington for another event. However this time we had a club stand and a few of the car hit the track. To me Trax is a relaxed event and more about seeing friends and not caring what I saw or didn't see on the day.

Last year we had a club stand for Trax Silverstone and it was a nightmare getting in. Being stuck on the dual carriage way in a queue however Donington was completely different with no queuing on the road only a small queue when in the venue.

We were based within the middle of the circuit, a cool experience and a brilliant stand. We tried to not park inline to make it more interest and less car park feel something I always go on about. We had a range of main hot hatches along with a bagged Mondeo, classic caddy, Eunos and 3 series BMW.

As I work a lot and not a fan of socialising online I want to create a stand were everyone can meet up and chat. Show off their pride and joy and go on track if they wish, I think I have all the club stands planned for 2020 and will be in touch with people that share in interest in Kingdom.

Regarding Trax it is a good event for £15.00, this included a spot on the club stand however if I did not book a ticket I would not turn up and pay £25.00 as it os not worth it. There isn't a lot going on apart from the club stands, I looked at the trade area and there wasn't a lot there either. There is the track and you can sit and watch cars do round but it is not the same as watching competitive racing.

They did also have a coned section where you could do a small timed track and could either do a limited amount of times or an unlimited till you got bored. Some like Oli in the Euno tried to hit ever cone by the looks of it but Luke in the Mini did have to fastest time at 3pm.

To me it was a great day out, there wasn't many cars that appealed to me but it was good to go to the local track and see a lot of familiar face. However if I was to go alone I think I would only go if it was within an hour of driving and £15.00. Silverstone Trax has a lot better cars and more going on but Donington is a lot better organised.

Was you at Trax? What did you get up too?

Make sure to check out the photos to get an idea what went down


Enjoy your week and hope to see you at Supercarfest this weekend!

Drive Safe, Luke