• Luke Dillon

Torque & Beans - Redline247

There is nothing better than a morning coffee along with a few sports car and super cars and of course a good old natter with some like minded people. May 27th was a Bank Holiday but also Redline247 first every meet, 'Torque & Beans'. Just over 30 cars turned up to the meet, it was invite only because this was Redline247 first event meet and they did not want to world and his wife turning up. Due to the prestigious location they did not want to annoy the owners or have issues down the line.

A well organised event to say the least, I stepped in to help out with the event as I do a bit of photography here for Redline247. A invite list was drafted along with a clear and smooth car park allowing cars of all calibers to park safely and allow room around the cars. From Lupos to M2 to GT3 RS to GT12's, there was a little bit of everything at the meet.

You do not need a supercar to be at a Redline247 meet, either they message you or you can reach out to them asking to attend. If your car is quirky or difference there is a chance you will be accepted. If its performance or a supercar theres a strong chance you will get excepted. If you have a clean and interesting car with a strong taste for petrol and anything automotive there is a strong chance you will get accepted. Redline247 aims to make the meet bigger and have 4 events through out the year with a mixture of interesting cars.

You may like myself not having something appealing to the eye, however this should not make you shy away. Redline247 has thought about you and has allowed additional parking for the public. This means car the meet is also about you and not just the car! A brilliant first event in my opinion and personally I am shocked by the turn out but also how everyone stayed for the full course of the event.

They are looking to move into a larger space for the next event so if you are interested make sure to send them a message. They are looking for some quirky cars too, race cars, clean classics, supercars and more. They want to build a quarterly event for the Midlands allowing like minded people to meet and allow business to grow and show off what they do! If this sounds like something you would like to attended I have dropped their details below.

As mentioned this is a company I photograph for and highly recommend, I only shoot with brands that I think are doing well with a person intention to help represent and give exposure!

Redline website: www.redline247.co.uk

Redline Instagram: @redline247

Redline247 - Torque & Beans - August 18th

Drive safe & thank you for reading!