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The WKND:DASH with Forever Rally

So what did you do last weekend? Car show? Date with the other half? Fix your car? How about spend a day with 30 other car enthusiasts driving from London to Bristol and then finish the day off with a open bar?

Being a freelance photographer specialising in automotive photography gave me an opening to work with Forever Rally. This is my second time working with Forever Rally and I knew this would be a great shoot. Being the owner of Kingdom I also wanted to sponsor the event and try and help out as much as possible, so we put together a prize and a few little items from us. As I want kingdom to go on trips, go to car events and use car products/parts and give feedback into what works and doesn't bring you and the company value along side my photography.

© Luke Dillon Photography & Forever Rally 2018

Staring location was Kempton Racecourse, with a secure spot to park up and for everyone chat to each other but also a spot for a few photos and a warm welcome and description of the day. After everyone arrived and a safety briefing we set off in an aim to get to Cheddar Gorge. What was awesome was variety of cars on the trip, with cars like a Vauxhall Astra, BMW Z4, Nissan Silvia, Nissan GTR, Sirocco R and many more. What I loved was the diversity of the pack and how you could have a GTR in front and a Miata behind you. A lot of people think you need a fast luxury car when really it is all about what you love to drive and Forever Rally have three trips a year to cater to your needs and your car.

© Luke Dillon Photography & Forever Rally 2018

We stopped on route for fuel and food before driving through Cheddar Gorge. It was so cool to hear the sound of a variety of engines popping and banging through the gorge. With a little stop half way through and a few photos later with one near death experience of running down a hill it was time to hit the road and arrive in Bristol. Before we knew it we were in Bristol and a few times around the round about we found the hotel parking and unpacked in the hotel room. Few quick edits we all met back up at 7:00 before awards and a night out.

© Luke Dillon Photography & Forever Rally 2018

Breakfast is included but dinner is not, that is something I think is worth while on small trips in the UK when you have time but also allows you to explore a little of Bristol. I went for the simple option of hotel food due to working and editing photographs however a few people popped out for an hour or two. I think this is good for UK based events in cities however I would prefer food to be included if the hotel is out in a village. Specially abroad as after a 6/8 hour drive you do not want to be getting google translator out when you are hangry because you did not listen in German when you was 12.

© Luke Dillon Photography & Forever Rally 2018

After food it was awards time, its just a little something to get everyone active in the day and put themselves out there to make the day more exciting. As no matter how much effort Forever Rally put in there is a level of activity needed from the drivers to make the trip more enjoyable. The first prize was Spirit of the trip by Forever Rally, this went to the owners of the Porsche 944 for their wacky retro clothing when they arrived in the morning. Sponsors choice of the trip went to Running on Rice, a couple that owned a Nissan Silvia, that was tucking, rubbing and sometimes forgetting that it has a reverse gear. A lovely couple that went out their way to help others.

© Luke Dillon Photography & Forever Rally 2018

After this it was time to head down to a cocktail bar where 60 odd bottle of beers, a few bottles of wine and two giant bowls of tequila and rum! Before we left everything was polished off and it was time to head to Pryzm where another VIP room awaited. A few more bottles of sprits awaited and the night went on before heading back to the hotel and a call off reception saying we had to leave as we had over slept...Sorry Holiday Inn!

© Luke Dillon Photography & Forever Rally 2018

Overall Forever Rally put on a awesome taster of their 2019 events, I had a brilliant time working for them. I will be back to work for them and promote what they do as their trips are awesome. They are hard to fault and from a customer view they are perfect. I think for next year maybe try and find another car driving road to stop off at or maybe somewhere to stop and have a look round to break up the day. However the route that was original planned had to be changed the day before because of road works. So it is understandable that other things in the day were missed because of this. Make sure to check out Forever Rally and to book a spot on one of their trips because it seems a lot have already been took up.

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