• Luke Dillon

The unknown stage 2 M135i

From GTD’s to M135i back Jordan made the change from FWD to RWD back in March after liking the idea of being a spiny boy and seeing one at Caffeine & Machine leave. At the time he did not think much of it until he heard the sound of the M135i leaving and he got a trouser tent.

Jordan love for the M135 grew and started his swiping on auto trader and it slowly grew on him, especially after a couple of late nights watching tuned ones on Instagram. It all end with him buying and paying for the car before seeing it due to being away.

Even though the M135 looks basic with a lowering kit it has had a lot done underneath to make it a hot hatch beast, including:

-3” decat

-Pipercross foam performance filter

-Forge boost pipes

-Masata stepped competition Intercooler

-Motech stance+ (-30mm front -25mm rear)

-Already had adaptive suspension what was the one thing everyone who reviewed these cars said was a must. Forget all the gadgets just get adaptive suspension

-I got all the gadgets as well though :)

-Carbon warped interior

-Limo tints @5% on the rear

-50% on the fronts + highcal embossed sun strip

-de chrome (e.g. grills and badges)

-Tom Wrigley performance stage 2 bootmod3 map

390BHP - 430lb-ft

-Carbon M performance Mirrors

-Carbon spoiler lip

Along with all the mods Jordan’s favourite change is the decat purely because you can now hear the engine as it should sound. There has not been a bad modification but Jordan's worst decision is selling it but also it being an auto, after driving it he wishes he bought a manual and really enjoy the RWD.

As mentioned Jordan is selling the BMW due to choosing the adult life, but if is wasn't selling the car he would have been changing the LSD or a Stage 2 Dorch HPFP to get the full potential out of the map taking it to 420+.

Even though the M135i will soon have a new owner, Jordan’s memories have not been boring. Jordan’s best memory of the car is the first time he got the car and fully plant it around an island and sent it sideways. Another time was trip to the ring and reached 177mph on the autobahn before bottling and realised the car still had more to give

Jordan car is for sale and if you would like to know more, make sure to drop him a follow and message on Instagram at: @jordancowan95

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