• Luke Dillon

The Thunder of Thunder Road

So last year me and my Dad missed the chance to go Thunder Road due to work that was annoying because it looked to have such a great turn out so this year the day was booked off and meant we could go. So for us it was a two and a half hour drive and to be honest I did not know what to expect apart from classic American muscle and the roaring sounds of V8's.

Know on arrival we did not really know where to go and some how ended up in the queue of the muscle cars. There were staff around but no one to say no park somewhere else that would be fine, lucky there was a space near the entrance so we dumped the car there. I think from a business point of view it is always best to have someone near the entrance, welcoming but also can manage the cars coming in but also the people. I over heard one gentlemen say they had already had double the amount of cars from last year and this was only 30 minutes after the opening time. No surprise there was a queue, after walking it cars were parks everywhere from classic hot rods to fastbacks and pickups.

All the way down the road cars were parked up with only a few random cars that where obviously left on business premises. One thing I couldn't understand was most of the business were car related so why wouldn't you be open and move any cars off the parking area to allow for a few more cars on site but also allow people to come and see your business. What was cool is how Thunder Road was all opened up and you could walk around their garage and get up close but also even look underneath a Dodge Charger and stingray. If you follow us on Instagram you may have seen it (IG: @kingdomautomotive).

The more we walked the more we discovered, from drag cars to GT40. There was a little of everything that related to Thunder Road. With my favourite being a Camero that was actually for sale but sadly out my budget. To me the even was a little more cars and coffee than a show but they did say on the event it was an open day and that was true. However I personally think this could be a lot bigger as I do not know many events for American muscle cars, specially with a variety.

Even though I travelled over two hours just for a couple hours at a open day it helped a lot with future plans with Kingdom. I fell in love with American pick ups, I want something for shows and for the store booth in years to come. I love VW caddies but I do not want two Volkswagens, I want variety as that is what Kingdom is about, I do not want to release to much as things change and so does my ideas but it goes to show that a 4 hour round trip for a 2 hour meet can go along way.

Overall Thunder Road Open say was a awesome event and I am looking forward to next year due to the success of this one. I think they might do more next year as there were so many cars and people for an open day. I think if 'none' Thunder Road cars were removed from the street it would be on a whole other level. However if I am free next year I think I will head down but if it looks to be the same as this year I might not book the day off work. It is good for locals but I think the midlands to north London is a little to far.

Anyways, thank you for readying and make sure to check our Thunder Road they have some call content and work on some awesome cars.

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Luke // Kingdom