• Luke Dillon

The mini with a hidden twist

When looking for a car online its always hard, you never know what the car is like or what it comes with. Back in 2019 Alex was looking at a range of Mini Coopers when a certain one caught his eye which resulted in his purchase in November 2019.

The reason Alex chose this car is not obvious when looking at it, the car came with a couple of modification and after seeing this one special party piece, Alex had to buy! When you get in or out of the door it is obvious what this feature is... lambo doors which Alex fell in love with when he bought the car.

Along with the lambo doors the mini comes with a couple more modifications:

Hornet exhaust system 

Full wrap in 3M cosmic blue + gloss black

Fibre glass wide arch kit 

Bucket seats - corbeau club sports 

Quick release steering wheel - Kode neochrome wheel 

Brand new alloys - Dare DRRS 

Front and rear aero bumpers + aero grilles 

Raceland coil-overs 

With all the modifications the one that stands out to Alex the most is de-chroming and full wrap, it just completely changed the car, the new colour suits it so much better and makes it look a lot meaner with changing all the chrome to black and for the first time in our series of car & owner we have a owner who does not regret any of his modifications.

The build has not finished just yet however and the next things that will be changed is the interior, by wrapping the door sills and wrapping the interior to the same blue and possibly a half cage in the back and putting some harnesses in for the bucket seats 

Along with the modifications and joy of lambo doors Alex best memory is the day he picked it up from being wrapped and driving it back from London, he just couldn’t believe how good it looked and the outcome of it, the amount of looks it gets parked up and driving is just overwhelming.

When we visited Alex and saw his car we were shocked by the colour and how much it pops. Do you want to know more about this lambo doored mini? Make sure to check out our video below as well as messaging Alex on Instagram @y27_apd .