• Luke Dillon

The Fast Show 2019

I went to Fast Show last year and ended up spending 2 hours in the car waiting to get in, this time I spent 2 minutes queuing to get in, that is always a plus! I arrived just after the gates opened and was greeted by the sound of revving engines and tyre squeal, lucky on track not in the car park.

Before we start last year I was not impressed with Fast Show. First due the wait to get in but also the lack of stuff going on when it claims to be " The First & Best Car Show Of The Year " when it clearly was not. I went with an open mind and went on the Sunday as there seem to have a lot more on and watch. With drift rides, RWYB on the drag strip, Live action arena from Lee Bowers and Terry Grant, many live events on stage and of course the Jet car.

Lots of cars on show and in the club stand however if felt packed and more like a modified carpark than a club area. There were some nice cars in there but there was not enough room for cars to breath. I think organisers need to be more selective on club stands, it seems that everyone can get in a club now and there is line between a club and just some cars.

After having a look round the club stands I went onto watch the drag cars take to the strip. One thing I have always liked about Santa Pod is the RWYB, allowing the general public take to the drag strip. A few decent cars but as it is none competitive and you are not matched to another car, so 9 times out of 10 you can know who's going to win. Although you can not beat the sound of a V8 and it is great to see the true drag cars take to the strip.

Watching these take to the strip made me want to come back for doorslammers, flame and thunder or Main Event. To hear the sound of a screaming engine fly down the straight in less than 10 second is something worth watching all day. If the Jet car is there take a seat and get your phone on slow mo because in 6 seconds it is all over but it is a sight to see. Also if you have you car in the show area makes sure to check your car because the alarm might be going off after the jet car has gone past.

By 1pm I had seen the majority of the stuff going on, the live arena was interesting and the guys had a true talent but after seeing this I was ready to go. I know I left before the drifting however this was on a large piece of concrete around cones that yes takes talent as I could not do it but I saw it last year and knew what was going down. After seeing drifting at Castle Combe the week before it was not on the same level.

Fast Show is not the first show of the year, not even for Santa Pod and it certainly is not the best show by a far shot. Price ranging from £20 to £28 I personally do not think it is worth going. I would be more inclined to go back for Festival of Power or Spring Speed Nationals when there is a proper drag day on. To me Fast Show is a weekend RWYB with a few side pieces to keep you entertained however the majority of the day repeats itself. Looking at the calendar I do not know what I would rather do but I think staying home and saving the money for another Santa Pod event is worth it.

However this is my opinion and you may have had a completely different opinion on the event. If you do let me know, I may have missed something major.

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Enjoy your day!