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The fast & Furious Ford rs 2010

For most of us in like we fall in love with a brand, model of car or a style of driving. As we go through cars in life, we wish we could keep them all and always go back to our roots one day. This was the same for Shaun.

When Shaun was younger, he was lucky enough to own a few select ford including MK1 and MK2 escorts, escort RS turbo and Sierra Sapphire Cosworth 4x4. But like many of our story’s life changes our fun cars into plain reliable family cars.

But with ford fuel running through his blood short after his sons owning their own cars it was time to get the ball rolling again and Shaun started back in the ford world with a MK6 fiesta ST which he loved the bits.

After the ST he love and drive for Ford and modified cars had begun once more. This was when Shaun bought a Ford Focus RS MK2 2010 back in January 2018 in Stoke on Trent. It is clear to see this Ford is no standard beast and has had a lot of time, energy and money spent on it to get it where it is.

Modifications include:


PRO am Group A filter

AS Plenum- Custom design

Radtec High Performance intercooler

650 Injectors

3 “exhaust turbo back

KMS Thunderstorm rear section with 5.5” tips

Turbosmart recirc valve and actuator

Wisbech crossover pipe

Wisbech ECU holder

Revo Stage 4 map – 403 BHP - 425 lbs of torque

Airtec big boost kit

Mishimoto cooling hose kit blue


KMS WRC roof scoop

WRC rear wing

Triple R low line kit & Maxton splitter

Fast & Furious wrap created by Blueprint, Nottingham

Quartz stage 3 ceramic coating

Monkey Wrench bespoke head lights

One off custom front bumper

Airtec wide arch kit

JR3 White alloys

Brakes /suspension

EBC grooved & drilled discs

Yellow stuff pads

Uprated torque link

White line ball link kit

Poly bushed front end

Front suspension shot blasted & painted

KW Suspension & springs

Shaun said himself he is a nightmare for changing his and clearly the list of modification has taken countless hours of planning and thought. Originally Shaun did not have fund for the project and thought he would keep the build stock which lasted all of 2 weeks before the modification madness begun.

After two years of fiddling, tuning and modifying the RS is running 340 hp. The best thing he has done is add the Airtec wide arch kit. As it suits the shape of the car and gives it such an aggressive stance. Even though he has done a lot there is not any modification or adjustment he has done which he regrets.

The modification list had not stopped and will not stop in 2021. Shaun looks to have a linered block and forged engine built as we speak at Matt Lewis Motorsports, so we are looking at 600hp by show season.

With all the modification and adjustments its clear one standard out from the rest which is the Fast & Furious decals, stickers and modifications. As a petrol head Shaun loved the films from day one and still loved to watch them. As many car owners do Shaun looked up to Paul Walker a guy would really loved his work in the films and had a real passion for cars, all cars.

The car tributes to this and being ‘out there’ and being different. This build did transpire with its old livery and become one of Shaun’s biggest achievements was meeting Cody Walker and Tyrese Gibson. This was after getting tickets for Fuel Fest 2019 which is a tribute to Paul Walker. When Shaun got the message from the company director asking for their cars next to the Fast and Furious cars it was an achievement like no other.

Want to watch the video? Click the link below!


The Ford RS has its own story to tell and it is amazing to see the passion and love Shaun has for this car and to see the opportunity and amazing achievements he has had in the 2 years of owning the car. We look forward to seeing what Shaun does to the car in 2021.

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