• Luke Dillon

The 6th Infra-red Mondeo on air

Back in 2018 I first met James online which makes this sound dodgy already but it was not until 2019 that I saw his Mondeo in person. At the time it was static, tidy with a couple of modifications and I knew at the time James had big plans over the winter. I managed to see the car one more time at Roll Hard at Bicester Heritage in August before the car went under the knife.

I did not know what James would do to the car but I did know some of the histories of the car and knew he would do it right. Before all the Covid 19 virus stuff cracked off I was asked by James to photograph the car before it was released online. To me, this was a massive privilege to photograph the car and if anyone knows the ford family well they know they love something a little different and clean because ford is life.

The reason for the Mondeo is a little different to most Mondeo's life. The car is a little different to the majority of Mondeos out there as it is a rare spec being 1 of 6 infrared saloons with light graphite Recaros and this was the last of the 6 made in Great Britain to make it even more special which you wouldn't expect if you saw it aired out in Morrisons car park.

James managed to get his hand on the car which adds its own touch and sentiment to the story. In 2011 James' father bought the car when James was only 13 years old. Meaning for 4 years James had childhood memories in the back of the car going to school, family holidays, trips out and loved every second of it. Over time James grew more attached to the car but when James got his license his dad wanted something more economical as the V6 ford block wasn't being the friendliest to the wallet. However, James was lucky enough to buy the car of his Dad to keep the memory and love alive.

As you can see lots had been done compared to the original ST220 but James wanted to keep the OEM look and most of the modification are not noticeable to the eye but when I asked James for the list I was shocked to how much has been done. From little details such as Iridium plugs to custom JR23s on the Mondeo and the list goes on and on, modifications include:

-Custom JR23s

-Side skirt splitter

-Bonnet vented with Jaguar XKR vents

-Bumper vented with Mk1 FRS vents

-Bumper smoothed

-Angel eye headlights

-Second compressor set up

-Wooden flooring in boot

-Grills and fog surround painted gloss black


-AirLift 3P management

-BC to BAGS conversion

-TGR wheel nuts

-BC Racing V1 coil overs (bc to bags conversion base)

-ASBO brake upgrade

-EBC coated grooved discs

-EBC yellow stuff pads

-MTEC rear brake upgrade

-Braided brake lines

-New LED brake lights

-Colour coded armrest

-New gear knob

-Embroided gear gator

-LED dash upgrade

-All hardlines copper

-Rear bumper plastics sprayed black

-Smoked side repeaters

-Chrome ST door plates

-New ST220 badge

-Led fog halos

-Black eye headlight base

-New custom reg

-TRC splitter

-New red and black ford badges

-CDA air filter

-Miltekk exhaust swapped for power flow

-Magnecore leads

-Iridium plugs

Over time James had modified the majority of the parts on the car, loving some and regretting others. Ironically the best and worst decision was on one item which was swapped for another. The worse decision he made when modifying the car was running lowering springs on the car however his best decision was when he swapped his lowering springs to airlift 3P which made the car so much more practical and stress-free.

Now the show season did start in 2020 but now with the Covid19, everything had been put on hold meaning there is time to work on the car. James has no desire to alter the car after all the work over winter but keeps an eye out on the ST220 may see some new wheels in the future.

The Infra-Red Mondeo has seen many memories and meant many more to James. Hopefully, there will be many more memories later in the year to make the memories from last year's show season.

Side note:

It was an absolute privilege to photograph James ST200 in February and this article was long overdue, it is great to see the car grow and form to Jame's imagination and it has been a pleasure knowing James since 2018 and thank you for being true support to Kingdom!

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