• Luke Dillon

Supreme Details - Yes another detail lab!

So I seem to be finding myself back at detailing labs every other week right now, this time I was there for work as @lukedillonphotography . Supreme Details has only be open a couple of weeks and needed some photos to capture what they do. As it was a car related shoot I thought it would be best to give them a little exposure on this site.

When I rocked up I knew it was the real deal due to the spotless artic white detailing lab. Supreme Detail came from the warehouse of RPM karting, a go karting company ( RPM Karting ). It was an open space and needed something doing it, the snowball started rolling and now they have a fully built detailing lab with even a portable clean system that means Supreme can rock up to your place and clean your car.

Even an enclosed trailer for those who do not want to get a spot of muck on the way back home. They have cleaned a few cars in the short time they have been opened and @lukedillonphotography will be back in 2019 for more photos. It is easy to get to and secure. RPM racing has been there for years and puts trusts into your car staying there over night.

The guys have some big dreams and I think after a few more washes the business will start growing and growing to the point of them needing another spot. You are probably not to interested but Supreme Details son has a S1 BAGGED! Mean Supreme Details can easily come to you at the show and make sure your car is spotless. It does not matter what you own or what value the car is, Supreme Detail is here for you!

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