• Luke Dillon

Supercar fest at Shelsley Walsh

On Saturday Kingdom was at Supercar fest at Shelsley Walsh and what a blast it was. I arrived as the gates opened for media just after 7am. Admittedly the roads into Shelsley are great but ever corner is a blind bend and following an enclosed trailer added a little bit of squeaky bum moments. After arriving and gearing up it was time to walk around have have a browse at everything that was arriving from luxury business and insurance companies to supercars such as NSX and 720S.

Cars started to arrive around 8am and public arrived from 9am, some people did say getting in was a nightmare and thats understandable due to geographic location and trying to get everyone in the right place. This was Supercar fest first ever event and I am so shocked by the turn out. I do not know the number but there was at least 5,000 people there from people with supercars in the paddocks to more exclusive owners in the club area and then general parking as well.

Even though I was there photographing I still had lots to do and see from the supercars in the paddocks which ranged from classic legends to some of the latest beauties money can buy. After a long look around that you can walk around the stalls from performance parts to insurance companies.

After spending some money and picking up some business cards you can sit at the start and watch supercars of all calibers take flight up the hillclimb. If this was not enough you can make your way through the many car club areas, somewhere I did not spend much time due to focusing on other things but with some tacos or a burger in your hand you can either walk around some supercars or watch supercars fly up the hill.

If you want an adventure then tie your shoe laces and head for the peaks. The hillclimb is steep but very rewarding, I did not head up as I wanted to focus on the bottom of the hill but I have been up before and there is nothing better than hearing supercars fly up the hill.

If all this was not enough then you need to purchase the VIP access, first you get to walk through Supercars of Birmingham Paddock before signing in and having access to an exclusive bar and a less crowded view with seating. I manage to pop in and there was definitely more of a relax environment.

Before I knew it, 5 o'clock had came around and even though the event ran till 10pm most of the crowd had gone and it was mainly the campers who stayed around. I missed the traffic out of the event and had a stress free drive home. A brilliant event that I highly recommend you going too. Let me know what event you attended last weekend and if you are at Silverstone Classic or FittedUK this weekend let me know!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Drive safe, Luke