• Luke Dillon

Static E36

"Before we get into this I want to give an idea of what I want to achieve. I see many articles about many different cars and usually I see the same photos posted by different accounts. I want to create a platform that talks about car and owners, I do not care about new cars as the information is all already out there but I do care about car and owners and why you have your car. I want it to be planned out where one week it is a static E36 and two weeks later I am up to my knees in mud talking about a V8 discovery. This will take some time and I will need your help, if thats telling me about your car or putting me in touch with someone or telling me what you thought about a write up . Long term I want to turn this into video format and a section of a podcast idea I have. I would like to give a massive thanks to Jamie Rogers (@the_static_e36) for being the prototype of this but also taking time out his evening to let me shoot his very clean and simple E36." - Luke

A couple of weeks back I sent out a message about this new section of the website 'Car & Owner'. I did not expect much back and was shocked when Jamie dropped me a message and a few pictures of his car. A BMW E36 1.8 made in 1998, before even asking what he done to it I knew it was worth talking about. A clean and simple build with a combination of classic meets street and potentially one of the best colours to have a E36 in 'moreagrün-metallic' or 'more green than blue'.

Back in December 2017 Jamie took a 1.5 hour drive to go and see the E36 and then took a 1.5 hour drive home with a BMW E36 to his name. A strange purchase to say the least for someone who was not a BMW fan however just like most static car stories Jamie was shown pictures of 'stancie boy cars' and lost the fight of resistance that lead him to purchasing the E36 on 30th of December 2017.

The car has lived a little bit more than a standard life. It started off like any British owned car going through a few hands and was looked after to a respectable condition. However one owner loved the car so much he shipped it over to Spain whilst living there before shipping it back 4 years later. This little trip abroad meant the E36 spent a lot of time in a dry climate that meant there was less chance of the car having rust. That meant even after Jamie had bought the car old owners were hitting him up about buying the car back because of the condition of the car.

Even though the E36 has seen a few modification since December 2017 the car still looks clean and has been adjusted in a way it still looks desirable and not ruined. When Jamie bought the car it already had coilovers, back box delete and was sitting on style 32 wheels. Since then the car has seen some purchases from new JR26 wheels, 17 inch 9J ET25 with 205/40/17 tyres on and a new roof lining. This is because when Jamie bought the car the roof lining was sagging so that was replaced with sticky back black carpet. If it was not pointed out, you would not even notice.

Steering wheel has been changed for NRG snap off boss in carbon effect, new leather seats and the callipers have been painted. Few hydro dipped parts in the engine bay that just adds a little touches to the bay with a msports front bumper to give a clean front end. Rear camber arms and front camber adjustment to finish off the fitment and keep the clean look of the car.

Along with the modification Jamie has spent countless hours in the detailing bay with this car. When he first purchased the car it was swirl city however a year and a half on the paint looks brand new. Before the shoot Jamie had spent 12 hours in the bay and was clear to the eye how many hours he had put in.

However even though the car is a perfect example of a clean and practical static E36 not every idea was the best decision at the time but looking back some were the best things to happen. Not long after buying the car he sold it but unlike most stories he bought the car back, not just this the car had a new clutch, head gasket, sparks, front bumper respray that must have meant he bought the car back for more right? Nope, Jamie managed to buy the car back for less than he sold it for meaning he not only made money but also got back a better car. Even though this was a bad idea that turned out to be a good one another idea of his did not go the same way.

Wanting more noise like any owner he took out the middle silencer however the sound was awful at 3mph and sounded like a trumpet band so the middle silencer went straight back on.

The car has had a bit of a life, a few owners and a taste of sun and tapas but in the hands of Jamie it has seen a new life. New modification and been back on english soil however when I posted this car on Instagram you guys mainly asked one thing. Does it skid? The E36 has a welded diff that helps it skid and to prove that Jamie was asked to take a lad to prom with one request to send it. I did not believe him at first but after video proof it was clear Jamie entrance was talked about all night. Jamie put the E36 into donut mode and left a his mark before letting the lad jump out and go to his prom. From this he has been booked this year on July 3rd and 4th. If you want to see this click here that will take you to the IG video.

The build is not finished just yet, a few wood effect pieces in the interior along with a hydro handbrake to help the little 1.8ltr out. The car will probably be bagged in the future unless he finds out what stance boys are running wheel wise and try and get lower but keeping it static. He has thought about air cups for the lovely English speed bump but the main aim is to stay static but keep it clean and simple with potentially a GT2 wing in the future.

When I reached out to you guys I only got two questions back. I asked Jamie these and he has added his reply below. If you would like to find out more or follow Jamie then make sure to head to his Instagram @the_static_e36

Your Questions:


It’s only on jom coilovers but the rear end it just the coilover spring with no adjuster to get them to its lowest point, and fronts ... well it’s going lower so be sure to give me a follow and keep updated.


Welded diff helps but yes it’s skids. Be hopefully getting a hydro to help a little more for the baby 1.8is engine. Check out my Instagram for my prom entrance video, hope this year I get better videos tho.

I want to say a massive thank you to Jamie for letting me photograph his car but also be the prototype for this! I hope I have not butchered this and all makes sense. Photography is my job not writing so if you can help me out I would be grateful or if you would like to do this let me know! Looking for more cars to shoot! Ideally I want to do a Car & Owner post twice a month and then do a post about a business once a month on a Monday. I want to create a motivation Monday piece of content. Inspiring you to so something to your car or go after a car you have saved in your book marks. Or inspire you to pick up your camera because you read an article on another creator or even make you set up that sticker business as reading about someone who followed their automotive passion.

Let me know I want to know your thoughts and you will be the ones who shape this!

Drive safe and make sure to follow Jamie @the_static_e36