• Luke Dillon

Spring Action Day - Castle Combe

As you know I have wanted to branch out from just shows and when I heard about Spring Action Castle Combe I knew it was a trip worth taking. Much like Trax it has club stands, trade area, track day and drifting. With brilliant weather and a cracking group of friends it was worth a 2.5 hour drive down.

A steady drive down with thick fog gave a little bit of courage to hang out of the window and practise some rolling shots. Soon I will have to let someone else hang out the window as I think it is time for Kingdom to have a car worth looking at and bring in some branding.

This time Kingdom did not have a club stand as I wanted to see if the event was worth going before bringing people down however a few friends were on the MK6 Golf Club Stand giving me the opportunity to see a little bit of everything. Potentially not the best spot but club stands are always hit or miss. Even when we arrive you could hear the sound of a mixture of engines from 1.4 turbos to 4.2 litre v8s.

Like normal the day flew by that is something I think always happens at a track day as there is so much to see. You could book a 15 minute slot and I do think that is enough as you get a feeling of the track before sticking it into the wall as you think you know what you are doing. You could book as many slots as your wallet would allow you and times that had a free slot however if you are driving to and from the event remember you have to get home. Meaning after 15 minutes on track fuel, tyres and brakes can fade. And the last thing you want is to be pulled on the way home for bald tyres.

Spring Action had a lot and with a wide flat track giving enough opportunity to learn about being on track in a safe environment. If you do not want to be on track not worry, you can walk and walk through rows of clubs stand with so much variety. Even though I have only been on the car scene for a year there was not many cars I had seen at car events before. It was great to see such a variety from JDM to USA and of course Vags.

The trade area was something I did not have much time to look at, because of being on track and getting some shots of friends but also getting a little bit of practise of motorsport photography. The day flew by and before I knew it I found myself walking around the whole track in the spectator area because I will be back. I wanted to learn the best spots to shoot but also about the track. I want to do more club stands and make it a day out and be able to talk to the guys on stand and make the day that little bit more awesome.

Before I knew it I was back on the M5 hanging out the window taking shots. An amazing day and wish I was free on the 22nd of June for Summer Action because it is a great day out full of stuff to do. Compared to Trax I do think Trax does have that little more, however if you are looking to go on a track I do think Castle Combe is a better track to start on instead of Donington Park. I do think Silverstone track is just as good to learn on however there seems to be a lot more people there and if it is the first time you may want less eyes watching the track.

Make sure to check out Summer Action as I believe it will be awesome just like Spring Action was.

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Enjoy your week and make sure to check out 'Downloads' there might be a photo of your car if it was on display!

Luke / Kingdom