• Luke Dillon

SlammedUK - Gravity 2019

Last year I attended SlammedUK Gravity and knew I would be back this year. However I did not know that my 14 hour photograph shoot the day before would kill me and only give me a couple of hours to plod around the event.

I was not going to do an article as I did not actually get to see everything and was shattered from the past few weeks of work. But I did also think if I post nothing may raise concern about the event as well.

SlammedUK Gravity event is at Stoneleigh Park, an amazing venue for anything automotive. Lots of park, lots of empty space and after Race Retro and Modified Nationals I know what can be done at Stoneleigh Park. Gravity is one of the smaller event I have been to at Stoneleigh Park but this is not a bad thing. The event spreads over 3 halls and one open area with a range of mainly static or bagged cars.

This year was a little different however, they had the same amount of space but seemed to have more cars but also the level of car seemed to be higher in general. Not just this there seem to be more bikes and a very strange appearance that I can not complain about. A Aston Martin Vulcan on the Drift Society stand which had everyone standing around.

As mentioned I missed half the day and if you look at the photos you can tell my photos lacked in quantity and quality. Which is a shame as I like the show and there was a lot of opportunities to take photos. I manage to get a few but left early to miss the traffic.

Overall a great event and they have levelled up since last year, it is worth the money and the 1 hour drive it takes for me to get there. Personally I could spend the day there but I think general public can finish looking around after 3 hours of been there. On a weakness I do think SlammedUK could focus more on what is there and if that means less cars then so be it. All the cars were lined up and even though I understand they are limited due to time and when cars turn up it looked more like a shiny car park in areas. But like I said I understand time is not on their side and have lots more to manage but as I mentioned before this is what separates UK from European shows. They have a less cars in the show but the level of car is higher due to the narrow selection this also means the show is more aesthetic as they can focus more on locations and where the cars are placed. However the reason the UK has such a massive car audience is because we allow a larger variety of cars in shows which is a brilliant thing.

Nonetheless a brilliant show and hope to be back next year. Looking forward to Trax, Supercarfest and FittedUK after seeing all the cars at SlammedUK Gravity but also looking at the photos I took and knowing I need to improve! Let me know what you thought and what shows you are at this weekend!

Enjoy your weekend