• Luke Dillon

Silverstone Classic

After finishing up to blog last week for Supercar Fest I was looking forward to a glorious weekend full of screaming classics and brilliant sunshine. However just like every UK weekend, it pissed it down. Even though the waterproofs were on and I spent less time behind the camera it just is not the same when your soaked.

A easy route in and straight through the gates is what you expect when it is £69.00 a ticket. That is steep...very steep. Now I do not know if thats due to booking within a week of the event but I can tell you now it is not worth it. When arriving we walked around the club stands with a lot being the same. The odd gem here and there but it does not matter what the car is when you see 40 of the same model it takes the shine off the car.

There was a lot of stands and I do think it would be cool to see these stands be split up and break up the typical club stand look. Even some stands put a little fence around their stand and then wondered why no one looked around their cars.

As the day went on the main thing that caught my eye was the international paddock. With a variety of supercars from all eras. From the latest Senna to old GT40 with a little bit of everything in between. Yokohama had some of the best cars there even though none of them had Yokohama tyres that made no sense however it was good to see a few of the cars hit the track even in the wet conditions, from Zondas to a Urus to even this Jaguar.

What I do love about events like Silverstone Classic is how close you can get to the cars people are working on. But be careful not to get in the way as the pits are live and no one wants to be taken out by a ex formula one car. When the weather dried out a little I moved more towards watching the live action which never disappoints. Nothing beats classic racing if thats mini's to a breadbox GTO. Even though the track was wet none of the drivers held back leading to a few slippy moments.

By this point the day had gone on and we had been there for 8 hours but it was time to go. There was a few more races but because of the weather it put a downer on the day and as I had to be at FittedUK on the Sunday I didn't want to waste time when I needed to get home and edit the photos. Looking on the socials I did miss out on some good racing that may have changed my mind a little on the day.

Overall a good day out but it is not worth £69.00 plus booking fees. I would look more to go on Sunday as it is cheaper and I would be more inclined to sit and chill whilst cars raced by.

What did you get up to this weekend? Were you at Silverstone? Let me know by dropping me a message @kingdomautomotive on Instagram

Keep an eye out for FittedUK article and if you are attending RH X BH this weekend let me know!

Enjoy the rest of your week and drive safe!