• Luke Dillon

Shows we will be attending

I have been having a look at the whole car calendar year and marked off when I am not free, the aim is to be at work or be at some car related event every weekend of the year. Now I am already gutted that I am missing some big events but hopefully the stuff I will be doing will have as much impact if not more, we also have other photographers across the UK so hopefully the content can go up and up.

Below is each month the events I personally (Luke - @lukedillonphotography ) aim to attend this year.


17th - Donington Classic / 23rd - Retro Race


3rd - Caffeine & Machine / 3rd - Donington Park Rally / 10th - Ultimate Dubs

22nd - Classic Car Show / 23rd - Volksworld Show / 30 - Spring Action Day


7th - fast Show / 14th - Else Car (Club Stand) / 20th - Modified Nationals

20th - Festival of power / 27th - British GT / 28th - Sunday Scramble


4th - Historic Festival / 4th - Car Cafe XL / 24th - The Main Event


9th - Kultureschock / 15th - Simply VW / 29th - Broke Boys ATF


7th - Gravity / 14th - Dubfiction / 14th - Trax / 21st - Stance Fever

28th - Fitteduk / 27th - Silverstone Classic / 28th - Simple JDM


3rd - Car Cafe XL / 10th - Convoy In The Park / 11th - USC

18th - Japanese Performance Show / 30th - Edition 38


14th British GT / 21st - Rally Day / 29th - Jap Final


26th - Flame & Thunder


Ultimate Stance whenever it is.


Nothing that I know of.

Thank you for reading and if you know of any events or want to know where we find all the events go to our calendar!