• Luke Dillon

RH x BH 2019

I have always wanted to go Bicester and always been jealous that I can never make the Sunday Scramble. So when I saw Roll Hard were going to host their event there a couple of weeks back it was hard to say no. 

I knew it was going to be a good show due to the level of content they put out but also the quality of venue they had chosen. The event was about all eras of cars from classics to the latest era of cars. I am always inspired by Roll Hard due to their branding but also their ethos.

Arriving as public I did sh*t myself and thought I came through the show entrance however it was cool to drive the some of the outdoor area across the Bicester Heritage site to get to the public access. One of my worst fears is to one day drive through the wrong entrance and have my dirty daily stuck in the middle of a show ground. 

After parking up and loading the SD cards it was time to shoot and look around. I always hate shooting on grass as cars do not look level all the time and my edit isn’t as good. But there were lots of badass cars. What I liked about this as there was no constant revving or D&B music going off all the time and how everyone was chilled out and relax. 

 After this it was time to see the main attraction, Roll Hard had two areas which is class as the true show areas. The main area was the hanger but just out the front was a smaller hanger that had a very tidy range of cars with a high bar for quality cars. Along with these were a range of trade stands with feature cars. 

Roll Hard have a flavour of a UK / EURO show, Euro shows seem to look appealing where uk seem to try and get as many cars in as possible. Roll hard had both. On the grass areas it was more of a line up and air out where the outdoor show area was more like a European show with less cars, more angles and less going on. 

After a wonder round I walked into the old heritage hanger. The level of car stepped up again and there was more variety . I liked that there was less modern cars indoor apart from Larry Chen Rolls Royce. Side note, so cool Larry Chen came from USA for Roll Hard. 

The amount of classics or vintage cars were crazy and just gave a great twist to the usual show. Roll Hard definitely stand out compared to other shows and to me as someone who didn’t get to go Players Classic I got a similar vibe to what that must have been like but on a smaller level.

There was lots to see at Roll Hard and what there was a chilled atmosphere in the air. A very well organised but people still could move their cars for a photos or leave whenever they wanted with an issue. 

I left just before awards to miss the traffic and because I wanted to pop into Caffeine and Machine on the way home. Roll Hard is an event not to miss, its chilled and laid back and a great way to catch up with fellow show boiz and girls and maybe even snatch an award. Great for photos and a great array of cars. 

If you went let me know and if you recommend I go to another event next time then let me know. Thank you for reading and thank you for the support. Drive safe! Luke