• Luke Dillon

Race Retro coventry

It is time to stop looking at past car event and get out to an event. Race Retro is the first event of the year I have been able to get to and it was certainly worth it. Starting off with the price, £22.00 online with no additional costs for brochures or parking. Not bad at all for what you are getting. 

It took me a while to work out I had been Stoneleigh Park before for Gravity last year and was interesting to see it from a different perspective. After arriving just after 9 the queue had built up because the doors only opened at 9 and to be honest within 5 minutes we were in. A set up much like Autosports at the NEC with booths and business all plotted within the first 3 halls, a lot more variety and more cars in my opinion. 

It didn’t take long to go through the halls as I was more interested in the cars than the products as I do not have Rally car bank accounts. The final hall was more of a loading/ mechanic area for all the retro racers. There was not much in there whilst I went it but was great to get up close to cars that were on track. 

This is one thing I love about rallies, that fact you can get close to the cars and watch the driver work on the car makes the day more enjoyable and entertaining. As by this time it was nearly lunch time we watched stage 2 instead of stage 1. Stage 2 was the less interesting stage due to been pay and ride, this meant the public could jump in a range of rally cars and be taken around track. 

As we wanted to get a taste of the whole event so by 2 we had seen everything except on thing. Stage 1 of the rally, now been a photographer and running Kingdom it meant I could get a media pass and could get on shot, this is something the general public can not do but they facilitate for the public. An amazing afternoon of many cars of all value and performance tearing up Stoneleigh Park. 

So the big question...is Race Retro worth? The short answer is yes! Why? Because for £22.00 you have 3 halls of cars and a 4th hall of all the working rally cars. There’s close up action and the chance to jump into a variety of cars. The location is accessible and everyone is friendly, pricing on food/drink is reasonable and there is a lot to do.


Only improvement would be more facilities regarding food and drink / toilets outside due to the amount of people there was a lot of waiting.  But that was the only thing, I would highly recommend the event, specially when the only event in this style to compare to is Autosports in January. With more to do and less money it is a lot more worth the time and being Stoneleigh Park it is hardly a million miles away from the NEC and just over a month after. 

Race Retro is defiantly worth checking out specially for the price and if you enjoy racing. Want to see more photos? Check out the links below! 

Photos by Luke Dillon Photography www.lukedillonphotography.co.uk

Race Retro https://www.raceretro.com/

Luke // Kingdom