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3500 miles, 10 countries, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Romania all in 7 days. This past week I have been on a incredible experience across Europe, hitting the most iconic road in the world, the Transfaragen pass. 

The trip begun with a drive down to the Euro tunnel before hitting the European roads smashing out 3 countries in the first day. We drove all the way to Luxembourg for the start of the trip Monday morning. When you hear start you think one thing...a race. This is not the case, all redline trips car leisure drives meaning you drive at your own pace. Stop, refuel, divert or what ever you fancy on route it does not matter, even on day one some people drove in a pack and others went solo. 

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From Luxembourg we made our way down through Germany to Munich, hitting a few autobahns on the way. Day one set a smooth driving pace for the trip with little interesting moments from the drivers. This is because Redline 247 does not focus on speeds or times, or even push you to be silly. Each morning everyone is breathalysed to make sure everyone is safe to drive. Some events have a average speed to cover across the event and this is not something Redline pushes. Because it is a 'supercar holiday' with the supercar being the car you driving been super to you they do not publish certain cars or big up certain people due to driving talents. As in the long run this can be dangerous but also effects what Redline 247 can provide.

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After arriving and spending a night in Munich it was time to head through to Austria hitting a cannon road on the way, sadly me and dad missed this as we was on the hunt for a jet wash so we could apply the stickers to the car so we felt part of the group. By the time we had wrapped it all up a accident had happened meaning the road we needed to take couldn't be taken so we headed straight to the hotel and waiting for everyone to say how brilliant it was and how we missed out...we did miss out!

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Wednesday, the day of the fancy dress. One day of the trip is always dedicated to fancy dress and it is always a giggle. This year was race inspired film, me and my Dad went as the priests from Cannon Run 2. This was a funny idea until you get to Italy, where a few to many funny looks result into a reconstruction of the outfit. This is one thing I would add to the trip for next time, some idea of where your going and the climate. One before you offend someone and also because a full black suit is not a fun idea in the Italian and Croatian heat. This been said it was great fun even if we did not win best fancy dress. The day was finished off with a splash in the sea and a boat taxi to the restaurant. 

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Next up, Romania. A place I have never been or thought about going to and somewhere I didn't want to do after having brilliant service and a awesome hotel in the lovely Croatia climate. However before I knew it we were on the road to Romania. A interesting place to say the least, I did not expect to get to the boarder and to be told to go as fast as possible... I do not know what boarder control meant by that blue lights appeared. Know you may think Romania is not the most wealthy place in the world and may worry about keeping cars at a hotel overnight. But do not worry Redline 247 look after all this and make sure the hotels and areas are up to a standard that means the cars are safe and secure. There was not a single point in the trip were I worried about the cars because Redline 247 do the job right.

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The day I thought would be my favourite was Friday, the day of the iconic road. The Transfaragen pass, if you don’t know what the pass is do a little google work, then you will understand. Up hill, down hill, straights, bends, uneven road surfaces and even cliff drops. The road takes a level of talent to understand and isn’t for the faint hearted. If you really want to enjoy it you need to be focused as you do not know what is coming next. The view was incredible and I wish I could of turned around and done it again, however fuel is limited in the area. A night in another hotel in Romania, this to me did put things into perspective and made me see how lucky I am to live in England. As mentioned Friday was a great day but it would be topped with Saturdays drive.

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Romania to Budapest was my favourite day of the trip, as now everyone knew everyone and we had a strong pack of 6 cars cruising throw the Romania mountain pass. The roads were smoother and the bends much longer, some points felt like rally stages and even some ‘squeaky bum moments’. I enjoy the long drives and this was certainly one, it was a shame that we was delayed by traffic for over an hour meaning there wasn’t much time to get ready and get out in Budapest. However this can not be helped and was worth it for a duo cruise in Budapest with one of the event organiser Andy. Each night we ate amazing food and sat in lovely restaurants and the final night would top them all. Delicious food and open bar in Budapest would only been one thing, a success!

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Redline247 is a cracking organiser and puts on some amazing events. It is hard to fault and there is no ranking of people. It is not what you drive, it is why you drive and what car you love. You will not enjoy this trip if you do not like your car or like driving, with the average drive being 6.5 hours then you got to love your car. I have been on both of their European trips and it is truly a experience that can not be missed. Andy and Vanessa (event organisers) think about everything and everyone, with this the people on the trip make the trip and make it a cracking experience. I collect all the receipts to see how much we spent and it averaged out at £70 a day, I personally believe you can get this down to £60 as you only pay for fuel, tolls, snacks and lunch. If you want to buy other stuff go a head but all breakfast and dinners are included in the price and most of the time it was a open bar. We actually drank a bar dry one night, sorry Austria. So before you look at the price take in consideration on how little you will spend on the trip. I believe you will spend £500 to £700 each (trip based for two people) if you split everything and to be honest if you budget yourself even less. This year the trip was £6450 (£3225 per person), that includes secure five star hotels, breakfast, dinner, route organising, open bars, private bars/restaurants, excellent service, parking, event documentation and a stress free service. Visiting lots of new places and truly seeing the world at your own speed.

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If I had to look at room for improvement then it might have to be that start and finish, only because by the time we got to Luxembourg most people had settled in and in the morning it already felt like we did a day. It would of been nice to all meet and greet in England before and get all the info on the trip then. However I understand we would be adding on days, miles and lots more. Other thing would be the route, as we had a app that meant we could see everyone where about's as well as google directions and our own SATNAV going plus a whats app group with updates it is hard to follow along and meant sometimes it was stressful whilst trying to tell your driver where to go. I do not know if there is a simpler was but potentially adding waypoints on the lanyard with proper address may help combat this issue as it can all be added into the SATNAV in the morning.

I can not wait for their future trips and look forward to what they have install for next year! I have not been paid to right this or tell you certain things, Redline247 do not know about this blog and I was on the trip as a customer. Kingdom is about telling you about companies and other things going on in the car world so you know where to go and what to spend money on. I truly recommend this trip as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you think you have the perfect recipe for something in the car world make sure to send us a message! We would love to help get your brand out there!

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Make sure to stay tuned as we will be doing something with Redline very soon! Redline inspired me last year to start kingdom and has double my inspiration for next year. I want to thank Andy and Vanessa for all the hard work! They truly smashed it and topped last year, it is really hard to fault and the things I picked up on are tiny things that do not matter as other things have to be put in place. The T-shirt, Thank you photo and Lanyard are the little things that make the difference, the hotels and the food were incredible and the service can not be beaten. I can not wait to see magic from behind the camera Joe and Alex. And a very special thank you to my Dad for taking me on the trip and putting up with me for a week and trusting me to drive across Europe. 

Below is all details if you want to find out about redline and the creators behind everything. Thank you for reading and make sure to tell us what you think of this long form blog. 

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