Practical Classics - Classic Car & Restoration Show

Before we get into this I would like to say thank you to 'Practical Classics - Classic Car & Restoration Show' for asking me to be one of the photographer for the event. A very proud moment for Luke Dillon Photography and means a lot to me personally as a photographer!

Anyways back to Kingdom, Practical Classics - Classic Car & Restoration Show or PC-CCRS for short was this weekends indoor Car show at the NEC in Birmingham. A three day event with the shiniest classics to the craziest barn finds, celebrity guests, live restoration products and 3 halls of cars we could only imagine owning. Now I was here as a photographer so I did miss bits and being a Friday it was certainly quiet compared to what I expected however I am grateful of this as it made the day more enjoyable and less stressful due to the low volume of people.

There was lots to see at PC-CCRS from clean restorations and a live talk / award to the restorer of the year. To mechanics working on a variety of conditioned cars and also many stands and stalls with everything you need to fix, maintain or protect your pride and joy.

©Luke Dillon Photography 2019 for Practical Classic - Classic & Restoration Show

The restore of the year went to a gentleman who had restored a Datsun, something I was very happy about due to it being a fan of the Datsun but also how the gentlemen couldn't even receive the award as he was at work. At true commitment and display of what struggles people have to go to, to restore a classic. The gentlemen would work on the car in the evening after working a full day at work and his talent and graft has paid off winning the award. Wheeler Dealer presenter Mike Brewer gave the award along with the owner of Practical Classics before taking to the stage to talk about a variety of cars in front of a live audience.

©Luke Dillon Photography 2019 for Practical Classic - Classic & Restoration Show

There was a few cars which stood out to me from Cobras to Corvettes and Polo Bread vans to Ford Mexicos however the car that stood out to me was not any of these. The car was not even shiny or gleaming, no it was dented, rusted and silver. If you went to PC-CCRS you may know what car I am on about, in the barn find section there was a few cars that blew my mind but the one that stood out to me was a BMW 30 CSL. I did not find out the story behind the car but who else would take the keys?

©Luke Dillon Photography 2019 for Practical Classic - Classic & Restoration Show

The day went on with a live restoration on a TR6 and a few more celebrity guest such as Vicky Butler Henderson and Alex Riley. The show ran till 4:30 and looking over the program Saturday and Sunday looked to be as much as an exciting day.

©Luke Dillon Photography 2019 for Practical Classic - Classic & Restoration Show

Before I knew it, I was backing up files and heading home and started to think about the event. The big question is should you go to the PC-CCRS, who is this event for? Well if you book online it is £20.00 or £23.00 on the door however NEC parking is minimum £12.00 (if you pay online) or £16.00 on the day so you could be paying anything from £32.00 to £39.00 if you go alone. You can find yourself at the show for at least 5 hours easily but I think it comes down to your interests, do you like classics? Are you interested in where 'cars' came from? Are you more into restoring instead of modifying? What else could you be doing?

To me I personally wouldn't have gone on my own, because of my age and being more interested in driving and seeing a car send it on track it is less appealing or me to go. However if I was to go with my dad who grew up with the majority of these cars on the road I know it would be worth it due to his interest in these cars and I think that is what it comes down to. The relationship between you and the age of the car, I really enjoyed watching people yank engines out and hearing about cars my nan owned or cars my dad rolled. I do think the event is fairly priced and you can not help the price of parking. Personally I would just try and come in less cars and split the price that is something I recommend for any show.

I hope that answer the question and trust me when we have the podcast running it will be a lot easier to explain. Enjoy your week and let us know if you are at Castle Combe this Saturday as we will be there!

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Thank you again to PC-CCRS for having me as your photographer!





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