• Luke Dillon

More than an edition 35

When I first met Ryan he was cruising down the motorway at 60mph in a little green bean. A tidy little green Lupo with less power than a donkey, but a car that was always clean and shiny which never had an ounce of dirt on it. In November 2018 I got a text saying 'let's meet in a multistory car park on a Wednesday evening', though it was strange I did not question it. With a baseball bat in the boot, I drove to meet Ryan and discovered the Lupo had gone and he had purchased a white golf MK6 Edition 35, which to me is the best looking MK6 of the bunch.

Ryan originally was looking for an MK5 edition 30 and just like most people's continuous hours on Autotrader, wheel dealers and tinder he decided he wanted more and discovered a beautiful Edition 35 within budget. A 10 out of 10, no hide issues, no bad history, and an all-round nice bum. Something most of us dream of and before anyone knew it the little green bean was passed on within the family and Ryan had gone from 50bhp to 230bhp stock.

If you read the last article on James ST220 or know me, you'll know I like OEM looking cars and Ryans car is another one with changes that are not obvious to the eye. For example, being an edition 35 there are simple changes compared to a normal MK6 GTI. The 35's come with a 2.0 TFSI engine that is belt-driven with a KO4 Turbo. Exterior wise they come with front Xenon headlights and LED rear lights. Along with different alloy wheels, additional splitter and an added curved bottom to the bumper. Inside the 35 details carry on with black Vienna seats, red-edged seatbelt and the legendary golf ball gear knob. To add a little more to the mix this is one of 300 DSG Edition 35's in the UK.

On top of the standard Edition, 35 extras Ryan has refined and tweaked aspects of the car to make it his own. After track days at Mallory, Nurburgring, Castle Combe and more he has found what works and doesn't work along with replacing whats needs for better performance on and off the track. Ryan looked less at changing the looks and more, from R-tech stage 1 to 15mm Direnza hub-centric spacers, adding BAF motorsport rear strut brace and Bilstein B14 coil-overs.

The list goes on! Including:

EURO MK6 Edition 35 Seats from Netherlands ( not delivered yet )

Revo intake

Custom Cat-back exhaust from Deutschtech

Smooth front recess by Premier Group,

4 pot Big Brake Kit MK2 TTRS Calipers 356mm with braided lines

Clubsport S discs

Pagid M1155 race pads. 

Audi RS3 Air ducts for front brakes 

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2’s

Puddle lights 

LED lights all around ( indicators, interior, reverse etc )

Fabia VRS boot struts ( pop up on key )

If you take a look at the car you can not really tell anything has been done, apart from the 4 pot MK2 TTRS brakes, smoothen bumper and Akrapovic tips. However, as you can see by the list the hidden gems this edition is pushing a little bit more.

The parts that have been changed have been game-changers. The Bilstein B14 coil-overs and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2's have made the car more planted and stick to the track or local B road like glue. However before the 4 pot MK2 TTRS brakes Ryan did have Audi Q7 calipers 330mm with yellow stuff pads that looked great but were not built for the track and had to go.

After all the modifications and alterations, Ryan should be going back to Green Hell for another trip around the ring. After the great memories he had in the car last year he will be back again but this year with a meaner car and more track experience and knowledge and who knows, maybe his 162mph on the autobahn will be a 170 plus?

With everything that has been altered for 2020, it looks like after the new edition 35 interior nothing will be done this year. However make sure to follow @rh105_ on Instagram and keep an eye out as he will be looking for a set of OZ Ultraleggera’s, 5x112 along with adding Anti Lift kit and Stage 2 bits & pieces which will make the Edition 35 a sleeper, not the mess with.

Personal thought!

I want to say a massive congratulations to Ryan and what he has done with the car in the time he has owned it but also appreciate what the car can be used for and using the car! I have known Ryan for over 2 years now know is great to see his passion for the automotive world.

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