• Luke Dillon

Modified Nationals - Sunday

On Sunday I spent the day in the sun at Modified Nationals at Stoneleigh Park. Early arrival meant I had the whole day to cover the whole event, make sure you are prepared as there is a lot of ground to cover.

Modified Nationals is actually a two day event with camping as well, indoor and outdoor arena with a few small displays throughout the day to mix it up. Full credit to everyone who did the two days and the camping as just walking around Sunday killed me.

There were tones of cars from show cars to club stands, hot rods to low riders, stunt display, Bmxing and drifting. The weather made it for me and made the day so much more enjoyable, with lots of indoor arenas there was time to get out of the sun.

Due to the size of the event it was easy to miss something but I think I managed to see everything. Stoneleigh Park is the same place Gravity and Race Retro are so it is crazy seeing a place change for different events.

Even though Modified Nationals is good it could be so much more, a lot of the show is missed and all the club area can be forgotten about. There needs to be more that drags you through the club stand area. As well in the indoor arena please remove the rope, it ruins all photographs, I understand it is to stop letting people walk inside but due to how close it is to the cars it ruins every shot.

I did miss some of the live demonstrations however I did not miss my favourite one, Lay & Play. I have wanted to get some great shots of the cars bouncing for a while and was very happy with the outcomes. The main outdoor arena were the best, more shows need to do this. It is the first show I have been too where the show cars had room around them. It made it look a lot less like a car park and more like a show. Many European shows do it and that is why you see some many fire shots but here we seem to park everything next to each other. Organisers need to start thinking a bit more about the show and how it looks more than lining all the cars up to get the most in.

A massive variety of cars including hot rods and American classics which I was unsure if this was another event but a fan of the V8 I did not mind and there was some awesome chop shop builds in there.

A brilliant event that has the potential to be a lot more, the more people that jump on it the better I think and there is a few cars that come to mind that I think would make this event even better. Looking forward to it next year and would consider trying to camp and get some content from the evening.

Want to see if there is a photo of your car?


Let me know what you thought of the event, do you recommend it?

What event was you at last weekend?

Enjoy your week and drive safe!