• Luke Dillon

R8 Mega Meet at Goodwood Circuit

So I swapped the show scene for a meet down Goodwood last weekend but not any old meet. A meet where 102 Audi R8's would turn up for the biggest R8 meet ever. A early start and a cruise down to Northampton to meet some like minded Audi owners.

I say like minded but we had gone down in @jordancowan95 GTD because we do not have a R8 but knew someone who did. A few R8's joined on the way that meant it was time to hang out the window and get some rollers. Sadly the weather was awful and the roads got busy meaning less chance of getting some convoy shots but I managed to seek a few in.

As we got to Costco in Farnborough it was obvious this was no little meet. Easily 45 Audi R8's side by side next to 'soon to be' Audi dealership. After this we headed to Goodwood but sadly on route we got split from the pack and took our own little back country roadtrip which was fun however I missed a few good photo opportunities but that is road trips for you so I did not mind.

As we arrived at Goodwood it was clear how did the turn out was with 102 cars in total. No Audi R8 isn't not special but within the bunch there were some special treat with 2 of only 10 in the UK Audi Decennium which was crazy. A well organised event and a brilliant turn out and a shame that a drone could not be used to really show off the amount of cars but with a function airport at Goodwood there is a 0% flying tolerance.

At 4pm it was time for a photoshoot on the grid however we left due to having a 4 hour journey home and being a Sunday it was time to get ready for the week a head. Met some awesome people and would love to do it again soon! Maybe another supercar mega meet? Who knows!

Thank you to Jordan for the invite and having me along, always a pleasure! Make sure to check out the photos. I can not find the event organisers on people who helped here and there so drop me a message if you know who so I can link them so then next meet is 150!!!

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What event are you next attending? Let me know!

Drive Safe, Luke