• Luke Dillon

May Plans

It's another month and the car world is in full motions, shows, racing, meets, road trips and anything else you can think of. A very exciting month with people talking about their favourite event getting closer or their car finally finished for 2019.

Kingdom will be releasing a few small items, stickers and sun strips. I have been to busy to concentrate on clothing and have a feeling it will not be done anytime soon, the design and packaging it ready but I have not found a supplier I am happy with. As I want more decent quality but also other colours in the future I want to take my time and focus.

Content will hit new highs with scheduled content each day of the week and something new coming to Monday posts by the end of May!

The shows I aim to be at in May are Japfest (confirmed with Club Stand), Early Edition and The Main Event. A quiet month but there is lots to do and I have so much content from MFN, BTCC, R8 meet, Else Car and Caffeine and Machine. It will not be a struggle.

Club stands are open for Trax Donington and FittedUK, if you have an interest make sure to drop me a message to secure your spot.

That is about it for May, very good month April was and looking forward to the rest of May. We have just hit 2600 on instagram and would be awesome to be at 3000 by June, aim to have 5000 by January 1st 2020 so if you haven't already drop a follow!

Enjoy your May and let me know what you are up too!

Drive Safe! Luke