• Luke Dillon

Lulu the Lupo the JDM import

When I first met Sam I did not know what he drove, from his appearance, volume and his on the spectrum attitude I was expecting something loud, in your face, on the floor with lots of pops and bangs. Which to my surprise, Lulu the Lupo was the complete bio-polar opposite.

This little Lupo, is a 1.6 GTI built in 2005. However this 15 year old Lupo has only been on British soil since June 2018 and in October 2018 was in the hands of Sam. His new Lupo Lulu (2.0) was to become his second Lupo in his car history, his first car was a standard Lupo (1.0) and did the usual mods to it and learnt a lot about the car which developed his passion for cars. After his first Lupo Sam moved onto a FN2 Civic Type R which was fun and love it but when the GTI came up for sale the sight of the twin pipes made him dribble and go back to hit roots.

As mentioned this Lupo has only been on British soil since October 2018 and this is because it was originally from Japan. After Sam's affair with a FN2 the Lupo fell in the right place at the right time and gave the perfect Lupo JDM blend scratching Sam's itch. The car was clean but since owning it Sam has repainted the front end and spoiler along with the bumper giving a clean and tidy finish to the car.

Since day one the Lupo has been making Sam smile but the favourite memory has been the first drive back in October 2018 from Lichfield and realising he has made the right decision. What is great about the Lupo much like the Edition35 we covered it's OEM style with the simple styles and flavours. With a variety of modifications that are not obvious to the eye.

Lowered on kw coilovers

Whiteline front and rear anti roll bars

Complete powerflex set up underneath

Renault turbines with 25mm spacers on the back I also put VW centre caps in the wheels

Flat bottom steering wheel

Vw Passat light switch

Dku custom cat bat exhaust

Vw Sharon rear badge and de badge on the rear

Stubby Ariel

Bmc air filter

Polo 6n2 solid head rests

De wiper

Pioneer double din

Not just this but the Lupo came stock with a few Japanese flavours including:

Sun glasses holder which is very rare

Arm rest which I have never seen before

Flare by the passenger, yes a flare!

Chequered VW red and black matts

Which is rarely be seen on a Lupo in the UK. One of the main reason's we have done a feature on this pocket rocket is it's unique features and clean style. This is one of our favourite OEM styled Lupo's we know and the JDM touches just make the car so much cooler. With a variety of key features it's hard to pick a favourite but if he had to choose one it would be the sun glass holder which is not obvious to see.

Along with a list of modifications the best one has to be the Renault Turbine which get asked about a lot however the worst decision was the exhaust, with the massive back box. Some people love it and others hated it, for us it was a little too big a few times we have touched some cloth following behind waiting for it to scrape.

From now the car will have some minor changes, including refurbed wheels, front spacers for more poke and possibly putting bucket seats and stripping the back as the back of the Lupo are pointless.

Even though Sam has little changes to the car he is in no rush to sell, he has looked at Polo GTI's and Honda Civic EK9 but the Lupo is still putting lots of smiles per gallon. We have experienced the Lupo many times and it is a little pocket rocket. We hope Sam never sells the Lupo but we look forward to seeing what is to come!

Want to see more about the Lupo? Check out the Lupo video we did!

What are your thoughts about this JDM Lupo? What would you change?

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