• Luke Dillon

Lions kit Passat CC

We started producing car and owner content last year and if you have been following our content you member remember our first article of a E36 Beemer. Well the Beemer has gone and now Jamie is running something a little bit different.

After the E36 had gone Jamie moved onto a steal of a Golf MK2 which he had for a couple of months before finding a 2008 Volkswagen Passat CC online for sale. If you had read the Static E36 Blog you know Jamie always manages to get a good deal and the Passat was another great bargain with a straight swap with the MK2 Golf.

The reason for the swap was because of Jamie becoming a dad to two twins in March and meant he needed to change to the swap. Personally we think Jamie just wanted to air out on the school run in a couple of years time.

The Passat is clearly no standard car. Modifications include

- Airlift suspension

- Rotiform ind wheels 19" 10J ET35

- 40mm Spacers all round

But the one thing that is very noticeable and unseen is the Lions wide arch kit which has been colour matched and just gives neck breaking results. Even before the shoot people wear staring, walking over and taking photos in the services car park.

Even though the wrap is cool Jamies favourite touch is the monster energy wrap on his air tank, but the worse would have to be the wooden vinyl floor due to the cheap look but since the shoot this has been changed and the standard OEM boot look sets of the tank so much better. Check out @bagged.cc on instagram to see.

The build is no where near finished and more will be done to the car including side skirts with a new diffuser followed by new exhaust tips and a few other bits and bobs but thats a secret for now.

Even with the short term ownership and been off the road for the body kit the time and experience with the car has been brilliant with Jamies best memory being when he was cleaning the car and a old bloke walked past and said “you managed to fix the suspension then did you” and when Jamie replied saying it was on air .... well let’s say he had a 20 minute lesson on what air ride is for a car. 

It's a different build which is only half finished, the lions kit really adds change but also a fat ass to the car. The build will be great to follow and we look forward to featuring the car on the channel when it is finished. Want to know more about the CC make sure to check out @bagged.cc on instagram!

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