• Luke Dillon

Kulturschock - ESPTR

Before I even get into this I want to congratulate ESPTR on such an amazing event! It is a shame that the sun didn't stay out but what an event!

Now if you read the last article you will know I was at Bella Auto on Sunday. Well I ran around like a mad man and managed to cover two events in one day. It is a shame as I think I could have spent the whole day at Kulturschock however I could not have done the same at Bella Auto. Based inside a Stadium have a great feel to the event but also a difference to your usual show and in my opinion the closest the UK gets to the European shows we all envy.

Having the stadium limited the amount of cars inside but this was good as that meants cars were spaced out and gave more of an exclusive feel than 'apply and be accepted' or like many shows were you feel more like you are in a shiny carpark. Due to the location images just popped a little bit more and gave a twist to your typical Instagram shot.

If the main stadium was not enough they had an additional area that is usually an American football field. This is where all the food was located and it all made sense as it contain all the food/rubbish but I do feel for the food venders as they had to compete with Dominoes. This area was for public cars that got there early, personally I think next year this maybe full of more show cars.

Now just like most shows within two hours you've walked around most of the cars, said that ones financed, bags are for shopping or that fuckers tucking however Kulturschock had you entertained throughout the day. I missed a lot of the stuff that went on but I did catch the car limbo and the awards. Looking on the gram they also had loudest car car competition and subaru shooting flames.

What made me want to go Kulturschock was seeing the attention to detail they go too. First off the location but for people coming the night before can clean their cars at the location with hoses. This takes stress off the owners but also means the level of car is just that much better. Simple details such as wrist bands, branding and tops are just the little things that I love to see in a show, the 'tax disk' stickers are what makes it for me. Regarding the event they have through out the day to keep you interested with music, lowest car etc. Due to the location it is a shame more people do not go, as it is in Gateheads it puts a few people off because they have to travel so far but it is worth a day trip.

I think next year Kulturschock will be one to go to. I aim to book the weekend off and go on the town in Newcastle the night before to make a weekend of it. I think the show will flow over to the football field but I am curious what will happen to the parking as it was a little bit of a free for all on the street. So far this has been my favourite show of the year but will fitteduk take the crown? I do think Players Classic and E38 maybe better but sadly I will be missing both of these.

Want to see more photos? Head to downloads and see the full show coverage!

Did you go Kulturschock? What did you think of it? Or did you go to another event? let me know by messaging me! @kingdomautomotive

Enjoy your day and drive safe!