• Luke Dillon

June Plans

May was a busy one and I dropped a few small products, the cut out sun strip, slaps and matte black stickers. I attended Early Edition, DAFT Caffeine & Machine, Torque & Beans and ended the month with Forever Rally Welsh Valley Rally! A busy one to say the least with final plans for a car meet and a one day road trip, these will be released sometime in June.

June looks to be a busy one with Kulturschock and Bella Auto this weekend, Forever Rally Euro Rally and Supercars of Birmingham Supercar meet at the end of the month. I aim to get on top of the clothing plan but work just keeps getting busier and I am trying to put out more content that obviously requires more time.

I am looking for owners with a variety of cars, from retro restorations to monster 1200BHP sleepers. I want to photograph the car then do a write up about the car and dig deep into the history but also the reasoning behind everything. No cost on this at all I will just need your help with filling in the spaces about your car. In the long run I want to film this and then even turn it to a weekly podcast.

Trax application has now closed and there is no more club stands until September now. We will hopefully have 15 cars on stand for Trax Donington and there should be a great variety through out.

I aim to hit 3000 instagram followers this month and 1000 Facebook followers, I really want to drop some leather key tags but struggling to find a type I like but I am working on it. Lots new to come and hopefully you have notice there is more of a schedule to when content is posted.

Monday - Every 2 weeks email marketing

Tuesday - Events going on this week

Wednesday - Event Report from the weekend (Saturday)

Thursday - Event Report from the weekend (Sunday)

Friday - Freebie Friday and hopefully Forza Friday in the winter months

Saturday - Car Event LIVE

Sunday - Car Event LIVE

Let me know what you want to see and if you have a car worth talking about drop me a message! I will also be doing business and creators so let me know!

Enjoy your week and drive safe!