• Luke Dillon

July Plans

It is scary to think we are in July... I had plans of finishing all products and items for Kingdom and wanted to just be pushing content however that is not the case. June was a cracking month with lots going on. Two road trips with Forever Rally, Kultureschock and Bella Auto, a day down at Curborough sprint track, GemClean & UberGT open day, Caffeine and Machine and SOB Supercar event.

Not just this we saw the release of the slap stickers and a sniff of key tags and a one day drive. The first car & owner article dropped and a few other changes happened to the website, I messed up and forgot a Freebie Friday and someone won two tickets to FittedUK.

June has probably been the craziest month but do not think July will be quiet. We have Gravity this week, then TRAX Donington the weekend after, Supercarfest on the 20th and possibly Silverstone Classic at the end of the month along with FittedUK.

Along with the shows I want to release two car and owner blogs along with a business blog. Product wise we will see the key tags be finalised and the one day run in the peaks! Kingdom will also have a big sale and hopefully the sun stays out until November!

Make sure you subscribe to the email marketing as you will know 4 days before everyone else about the sale. that is everything that will be going on in July so make sure to keep an eye out! Make sure to drive safe and drop me a message if you need anything!