• Luke Dillon

Join the garage club

We all like to save and secretly we always like to be the first to know. In the mix of all this pandemic we have been setting up and working on our loyalty program and we have developed our garage member platform.

Before we even explain about the membership you can sign up for FREE at the bottom by entering your details for just text/email or become a full member by clicking log in at the top.

If you just sign up at the bottom of the page you will have access to our alerts, which will give you early access along with fortnightly email marketing about everything going on and early access to product drops. Not forgetting your 10% discount code which will be in the email marketing/text alerts.

If you sign up through the login you will have access to so much more! Not only the above but also you will be able to see the latest content and have direct code access meaning you do not need to look through your emails for the code. You can also save purchase details and see your recent orders.

All details and information is protected by McAfee and we do not use your details apart from Kingdom marketing and information updates.

Remember to sign up and if you need to know more please let us know!