• Luke Dillon


I would like to say a big thank you to all the owners on the Kingdom stand at Japfest! It was great to meet some new people and learn a little more about the JDM world. Make sure to go and check them out!!

@ali.jones97 / @benji_mason / @kurtis.anderson / @s14a_josh / @that_slow_eunos / @mikehill596 / @mx5_milner

Early morning start never sounds the best but when a civic and R dc5 join the convoy for a short stint it gets your in the mood for Japfest. Probably one of the best convoys down to an event thats surprising due to the amount of events on and it being a bank holiday. A little play on the way down letting the cars breath a little before the hunt for the club stand.

I was surprised at how well organised Japfest was, no messing around or U turns we managed to get directed straight to our spot and a part for a massive pole it was a good spot for a club stand. Of course we sat on the A road for 30 minutes but that seems usual for Silverstone.

I wish I had started photographing soon, I was a little to optimistic on the size of the venue and lost a good portion of the day to walking round and not photographing. Japfest was huge and in my opinion covered more area than Trax did. A lot of cars I have not seen and some gems within the club stands but a lot of mx5's.

There was a lot to see from club stands to show and shine to trade stands and on track action. A very similar set up to Trax but everything was JDM. I think personally I prefer Trax as it is very similar and just just get that little bit more variety. One area I loved however was Auto Finesse space, they had roughly 15 cars dotted around a gated area whilst they clean and detailed cars. Due to the release of their detailing academy they have taken a little part of that on the road and brought it to the guys at show. Personally I think it is a great idea and perfect for photos.

Throughout the day people were on track and there was two slots that made everyone run to see. At 11 and 2 the drift boys and gals were out in force and definitely not holding back. I finally got a good spot as I missed out at Combe and Silverstone last year. Little trickery behind the lens and it was like I was on track. Cracking display with a few close moments.

Overall Japfest is a cracking show and is much like Trax but more refined. I will be back for sure but if I had to pick one I would have to go to Trax due to more variety. Is it worth the £27.00? Yes if you like walking for miles looking around cars but if you get bored after five S15 then probably not. Thank you again to everyone on the Club Stand and I look forward to being back next year.

Talking of Trax! Trax applications are now open!! Let me know if you want to be on our stand! Hoping to be the biggest of the year!! Message me today @kingdomautomotive

Enjoy the rest of your week and drive safe!