• Luke Dillon

GoodWood Revival 2018

Goodwood is a place that everyone raves about but I have never been able to jump on that bus as I usually miss out in buying tickets. However this time I was planned and got in early to grab tickets to Goodwood Revival 2018, 3 day pass with camping seemed the right way to do things. 

The camping was alright but to be honest I’d recommend just taking your own and your own supplies instead of using companies Goodwood recommends for ‘glamping’. 

So we traveled down the night before and already I knew it would be a good event. Everyone is in one giant field from the spectators to the competitors that is awesome because you can be cheeky and walk around all the competitors trucks and see what they are up to. The event started on Friday and to me it was like been took back in time, everyone was dressed up in 1940s, 1950s, 19060s style outfits and even classic war planes flew above Goodwood in the morning. 

Every detail is took into consideration, from actors, to shows and even the food trucks. Nothing looks out of place or new, there wasn’t new car stands or a butty van, everything looked like it was taken from 1960. Friday was practise day with a kid of different spec classics going around for qualifying for Saturday and Sunday. I spent most the day walking around the whole of Goodwood and I would recommend doing this so you do not miss the racing over the weekend, as well this day seemed to be quieter than Saturday so if you do want to miss the people traffic it is worth it. The stands there are all related to revival, there no brand or company there selling for the latest cars or modifications, everything is period correct. Car care, restorations, artwork etc is all related to what is at Goodwood. 

As the day went on I found more and more stuff and noticed there were certain areas for Goodwood members that I personally like as it puts true classic enthusiasts in one place and give a feeling of exclusiveness. By the end of the day there was the first race and it was a hair puller. AC Cobras, E types and a Ferrari GTO breadvan were in the starting line up for the hour long race, obviously the GTO won but it wasn’t a easy race, driver change overs, blow outs, snips and just the thought of classic cars worth more than life its self being inches a part is a truly spectacular to watch.

Saturday was more racing with even a little motorcycle and kids pedal cart racing. The day was more about racing and events than having a walk around. A lot more intense racing with a few nail  biting moments and a few love bumps. As the day went on more and more races occurred and the day was finished the air display. 

There is loads to do at Goodwood such as dressing up, shopping, haircuts, racing, air show, show fair, show and shine and much more. There is something for everyone to do and defiantly worth going to! I will aim to go again next year and hopefully take more photos as I lost the majority due to a harddrive failure. 

Make sure to check out the photos and also Goodwood themselves! 

Photo link : Will be released if the harddrive is fixed.

Goodwood : https://www.goodwood.com/flagship-events/goodwood-revival/

Kingdom // Luke