• Luke Dillon

Gemclean Detailing - Meet & Launch

On Saturday I ventured out to Berkshire for the Gemclean Detailing Launch Meet. I have been wanting to venture to new spots and see more of what is going on within the UK for some time now and with Gemclean being right next to UberGT it was the perfect opportunity to see two business that have different services but have cars in common.

The meet was to launch the new GemClean Detailing HQ, a brilliant location that can easily hold 3 cars securely and allows enough room to be worked on. An upstairs area allowing customer to chill out and watch telly whilst waiting for their car. One detailing bay that can be closed whilst in use allowing for a clean environment with minimal atmosphere issues. On the open day an Aston and Ferrari were inside along with a Ultima that were all spotless and a clear example of what GemClean do.

UberGT also had their doors open with a variety of supercars and other luxurious cars such as SVR, M4's and Porsches. A very clean facility with a variety of cars for everyone. All in brilliant condition which is no surprise when they are opposite GemClean. After a wonder around both is was time to have a look around what everyone came in.

I was surprised by the turn out but also the type of cars that turned up, M4 GTS, Audi R8's, Aston Martin Zagato shooting brake along with a variety of classics and even a automatic Defender. Cars of all values and variety turned up throughout the day and GemClean were even honoured with beautiful sunshine and 34 degree heat.

What I really liked about the meet was not just the awesome cars and business but also how there was free breakfast through out the meet supplied by The Charcoal Grill Co. This topped it for me and made it a meet worth travelling too.

GlemClean and UberGT put on a great event and was worth the trip, I would not probably go that distance again due to the travel but because of the variety of content and lead I can get from it, it was worth it. But if you are within 45 minutes of Berkshire it is definitely worth going to! Thank you for the great hospitality and I will for sure pop down if I am near the area for the next one! Make sure to keep an eye out for their next meet as you will not be disappoint and you will probably come away with a full belly.

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Enjoy the rest of your week and if you are at SlammedUK Gravity event I hope to see you there!

Drive safe!