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Forever Rally Welsh Valley Rally

As today I am on route to Lyon with Forever Rally it make sense to release my experience on Forever Rally's Welsh Valley Rally from 3 weeks ago.

A quick disclaimer this is less of a review and more of what went down on Forever Rally UK trip. As a sponsor and their photographer (@lukedillonphotography) I did not get to experience everything and was more concerned about getting the shot than seeing what went down on their rally.

The Welsh Valley Rally was their third Rally and their opener to their 2019 trips with the Euro Rally happening from June 20th to the 23rd. Kingdom has sponsored all of their trips and will do until the end of the year. If you are looking to get your brand out their make sure to hit up Forever Rally.

Day one started off with everyone meeting up at Kempton Racecourse to apply stickers, say hello, hear to do's and do not's and of course get a few photos. Grid girls, sticker, smoke bombs, welcome packs and a start line set the scene in the right direction a head of their three day drive. After everyone was ready and a few photos one by one everyone in convoy to Cheddar Gorge. We managed to sneek a head but only managed to gain 5 minutes and had to run up the hill to capture everyone coming through. After we regrouped it was time to head to Cardiff for the first night out.

What I liked is we had roughly 3 hours from arriving in Cardiff to going to the first bar. This meant there was enough time to rest, reset and refuel before heading out. After the first bar we headed to the nightclub with a private VIP room to ourselves. I can not drink for sh*t and having to shoot in the morning I called an early night but looking at the whattsapp it was clear the party did not stop till 4am.

With clear heads everyone who had a heavy night swapped with their co drivers before setting off for Liverpool. Potentially the best driving day due to the type of roads but also some of the best roads Wales had to offer. We left late due to helping another driver out with their car but before we knew it we had caught up with the pack and cruised into Portmadog. A bite to eat and a regroup we set for a road you can not miss if you are going through Wales. The Evo triangle, potentially some of the best shots of the trip were taken on the road. A cracking road and I can see why it is one of the best driving roads in the UK.

After this we headed up to Liverpool and one by one red shirts started to pop up. If you are a football fan then you will know what went down on June 21st. Liverpool vs Tottenham, luckily Liverpool won as I would not have wanted to spend the night there if they did not. Now Forever Rally planned and booked this trip last winter so the chances of Liverpool being in the final and playing whilst we were there was not predicted as no one would have made that prediction. It was a good night out however a very busy night and by midnight I called it a night due amount of red shirts.

We had planned to leave at 9:00am but found out in the morning we had to get a move on as by 10:00am roads were being closed due to Liverpool winning. However we had no issue getting out but was in mixed feelings, happy to have another day of driving but sad as it was the last day. The final day we drove to Bristol, the best day regarding convoy as the majority of the group were together and was great to roll with like minded enthusiast. Before we knew it we were in Bristol. All parked up and enough time to have a walk around and grab something to eat. A great way to finish the trip, managed to get food with Luke (@ ) and Chris (@chrisexploresthings) from Maven Visuals. Loved sharing ideas with other creators and talk about potential ideas.

Before we knew it we were on route to the bar for awards. Each trip Forever Rally gives an award for spirit of the trip with the prize being a free spot on their WKND:DASH. After this we headed to the bar to finish with a bang. Probably the funniest nights with a few to many before saying good bye and heading our separate ways.

What is great about the rally just like their WKND:DASH last year is people stay connected. All the way home and even two weeks later people are still popping up, the group chat is still going and even pop up and say hey to me! Always a sign of a good trip when everyone still wants to talk after spending 3 days together.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article I mentioned their Euro Trip and I am excited but also grateful Forever Rally have asked me back. Looking forward to seeing what the rest of the trip holds! Make sure to keep on eye on their socials to see what went down and look out for the article about that trip!

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Soon you will be able to sign up to their WKND:DASH so keep an eye out on that!


Enjoy your week and drive safe!