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Forever Rally - Euro Rally 2019

Today Forever Rally dropped their next trips which makes sense to give you insight into their last rally. Before I get into what happened on the rally please take into consideration I was on this rally as their photographer (Luke Dillon Photography). So I did not get to see everything and missed out on certain things due to trying to get as many photos I can.

The rally started up by meeting down at Folkestone before we all headed to the Euro Tunnel. It was perfect to meet as close to the tunnel as possible due to the fact no one is driving the wrong way to meet or is late for the tunnel. As people arrived welcome packs were given out and the stickers were added to the cars. A total of 20 cars were on the trip, ranging from a VW Amarok to an Audi Decennium were within the pack. After everyone arrived it was time to hit to road and jump on the tunnel.

After getting off the Euro tunnel the group spread out and followed the route to the first meet point. Reims was a cracking point to spot and if you are going that way it is worth going out your way. What I can gather from being there and doing no research it is the remaining part of the old Reims Motor Circuit. Even though most of it is restricted a quick hop over a fence means you can get some awesome angles and I could have stayed there all day taking photos.

After Reims and a bite to eat we headed for Lyon. Lyon provided a chilled night out with a few drinks and time to get to know everyone on the rally. Right next to the river gave the perfect opportunity in the morning to fly the drone. Feeling fresh we had breakfast and joined the convoy for the second leg. Potentially my favourite day due to the roads but also the shots I got. Something about European twisty roads that the UK lacks that gave my perfect opportunities to get some outstanding shots.

After taking on the windy roads we headed back up and waited for the group, after these we came back down the mountain and regroups with the back end of the pack. After the brakes had cooled down and the temperature gauge settled we hit the road to get to Monaco. As we were with the back end of the group we turned up late to the hotel and had to rush before going out to the bar. I hope I am shooting for Forever Rally next year as I look forward to having a day in Monaco as I only saw a snippet and it made me want to go back.

A brilliant night out that may have went on a little long but thats my own fault. With a couple hours kip I was ready for another day on the road, we pushed a head of the group so we could get some shots as the group came up the Gotthard Pass. I had already researched into this and knew where I wanted to shoot from. Unfortunately even though the view blew my mind and was so excited to get the shot of the cars coming around the open bend their google maps took them a turning before on the old pass and missed just the corner I was on.

Due to no signal and no radio signal I could not track the convoy and had to jump a head, I got the shot further on but was not what I set out to get however not everything always goes to plan. A very late night that was again down to following the whole convoy, this would have not took as long if we left and did not wait around however as we were out to get photos we arrived in Munich had food and went to bed.

The final day was the day some had looked forward to, because of the German roads. I managed to get to drive the majority of the day and it was a blast, it was good to see the other side of the car and enjoy a little of the trip. I knew how many photographs I had and how I had covered the entire trip. Due to the last day being all motorway there was not many aesthetic opportunities for photos. After arriving in Amsterdam we took the bus into the centre of Amsterdam and finished off the trip with a large portion of the group in an Italian before heading to the club to finish the trip off!

Even though I was working and probably missed a lot of the trip it was a blast and to take my Dad and the wagon was brilliant. I look forward to working again with Forever Rally and make sure to check out their up and coming rallies.



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