• Luke Dillon

Forever Rally

If you have followed our socials for a while or have been looking at our Car Calendar you will have seen Forever Rally pop up here and there. Well we are one of their sponsors for their road trips and we want you to check them out!

Forever Rally have three trips this year, their Euro Rally, Welsh Valley Rally and WKND:DASH (TBC). These three trips are all different and range from a one day up to a 5 day drive to suit all your driving needs. In the past there has been DB9's, TTRS, Silvias, Miata, Focus RS, C63 and many more awesome cars. Each night finishes in a city with club and bar access, then breakfast in the morning before another day of driving.

I had an awesome time on Welsh Valley Rally and WKND:DASH, due to the organisers going above and beyond but also being with like minded people. It does not take a detective to find out I am Forever Rally official photographer ( Luke Dillon Photography ) but I do not express my feelings about all the business I work for however Forever Rally is one I strongly back! Due to my own experience but also the team they have on board. It does to matter what you drive, I have seen a variety of cars and to me this is what makes a rally and proper rally.

If you book a spot on any of Forever Rally trips you will get something off us! As long as you prove to us you found Forever Rally because of Kingdom! To find out about the trips head over to their website or drop me a message at @kingdomautomotive on Instagram. I am happy to answer any questions.

See you at the Start Line!

Forever Rally Details: www.foreverrally.co.uk

Forever Rally IG: @foreverrally

Forever Rally FB: @foreverrally

Enjoy your day!