• Luke Dillon

FittedUK 2019 - Best Indoor show of 2019?

FittedUK took the crown last year for the best indoor show in my opinion and the question that was bouncing around in my head all day was is this show better than last year? Now the brilliant thing about being an indoor event is no matter what happens with the weather, you know you're going to be fine which is great when there is cars coming from all over the UK and Europe. FittedUK potentially have the best indoor location, large space, high ceiling, clean lighting, all perfect for photos. As I walked in I was shocked to not queue at all and basically walk directly into the event. Within moments of walking into hall one the camera was out and I was snapping away.

What I love about FittedUK is the variety from drag cars to stance cars to even a tank. If you can not find at least one car or 'thing' in there then you are just being a grumpy f*ck. I saw a lot of stressed photographers through out the day and I am not surprised as the places was packed. Not to the point you had to push through crowds of stancy boiz but enough to make a car crowded.

In my opinion I do not see this as an issue as the show is not there just for photos its there for the people even if they are just there to moan. The set up was a lot better this year with the certifam in the corner to move the crowds attention, food all being in one location and all the trade stands being split up around the whole site. I tried to shoot as much as I could and see every car but even after walking around three times I still managed to miss cars.

Due to the brand and links FittedUK has a big variety of cars came to the event. A lot of cars I have never seen before with a lot less 'IG' cars you seem to keep seeing at most shows. Again having such a mixture of cars set such a high level of quality to get in and I did not see one car which shouldn't have been in there. Being in Manchester opened the variety up that little bit more which is something I spotted at Kultureschock.

If you're bored of looking around cars FittedUK had a couple of guest to keep you entertained from Lay n Play with their low riders and Ryan Taylor with his crazy talent. Both groups had something different to offer from hydros on a Honda to bar spins over a Mercedes jeep which kept you entertained when you needed a break for looking at fitment.

Before I knew it I was heading off. This year I missed the awards and that was only because I got stuck in traffic last year and wanted to avoid it. I wish I stayed as I think I could of got some very cool shots but I also wanted to get my photos out there. But leaving early does not take away from such a brilliant event FittedUK is.

I personally think it is the best indoor event of the year due to the variety and thought that goes into the event. Along with the quality of cars throughout the halls. If this was an outdoor event I would have filled SD cards as there was so much to photograph. I am already looking forward to FittedUK 2020 and will be interesting to see what they bring. Hopefully Manchester has sorted the traffic issue out by then as I have never seen such a balls up outside an event space.

Make sure to check out FittedUK and if you are within a 3 hour drive then make sure to go. People had driven from all over the UK and even parts of Europe! One owner drove from Latvia and hit a goat on the Motorway on the way to the event. If that doesn't convince you to go then I do not know what will.

Enjoy the rest of your week and thank you for reading!

Drive safe,