• Luke Dillon

Else Car

Before I get into this I want to say thank you to everyone on our club stand! A cracking day out and was nice to spend time with friends. Make sure to go and support all these guys!

Polo : @james18wpc , GTI: @rh105_ , T5: @bagged_t5 , GTD: @jordancowan95 , Polo: @woody_6n2 . Now onto Else Car.

On Sunday I was at Else Car At The Races for the first time but not just as a visitor. As you have already seen Kingdom had a club stand of five cars. Not the best spot for the public but for photos it was a great location. To be honest I am not fussed to much on club stands right now for brand awareness but its good to have a spot with friends and enjoy a relaxed day. Specially when you have camera gear, it can all be left in the car.

Only £12.00 a ticket online and very well organised regarding club locations. In my opinion a small event with the majority of the event being outside. To the public gates opened at 10am and if I am honest we had left by 1pm.

Some awesome cars indoor and outdoor with a lot of variety at such a small event. Even though there were a lot of cars more could be there and the event has the opportunity to grow. Talking to a few people at the event it was the first time they had been and didn't even know about it. I think if it has more advertisement and support it could be a cracking event, especially with a bit of sun.

I walked around the event twice and tried to find every little gem, I did not take to many photographs as I am trying to become more critical with my photos but also find cars that are different and appealing to post about. Inside there was a live band then a DJ and even though we left early there were awards that is always good to see. As owners put many hours into their cars and if it was not for them we would have no shows.

The reason we left at 1 was because of the weather, being cold and windy meant it was not pleasant and after walking around all the cars twice it was time to call it a day. We weren't the first to leave and it is a shame as I think if the weather was nice it would be more appealing to stop and chill with a beer. This of course is not the events fault and I do think the show is worth the £12.00 although I will not be rushing back next year and probably leave it a year or two before going back. Mainly because of the size of the event but also the amount you can do within a short amount of time.

Although if you have never been make sure to go, especially if you have nothing to do on your Sunday and are within an hour of Doncaster. This weekend I am switching it up and will be photographing something none car

related however I will be back for Japfest and another club stand! Exciting times!

Tell me what you thought about the event! Enjoy the rest of your week!