• Luke Dillon

Early Edition

As I can not make Edition 38 at the end of August it only seemed right to head to Northampton for Early Edition. Another early morning but this time the weather was on our side and looked to be a good day with lots of blue skies.

Easy to get in and within 10 minutes we were in and parked up. A well organised event that I am not surprised because it is Edition 38 at the end of the day. Mainly show and shine that was vag only with some gems here and there. Trade area and indoor hanger had the best of the bunch with some classics but also new models mainly on air ride.

Day started off great and got some great photos and saw some new cars but as the day went on there seemed to be less to do and with the sound on bassy boot build music and pops and bang maps it was nearly time to leave.

I had a final look round and was cool to see some new faces. However I had done a 14 hour shoot the day before and honest was shattered. Sadly missed a few people but I do think this is what makes Early Edition a good show. As it is a big shiny car park based in the middle of the UK it allows people to meet up all across the UK in one spot.

The weather made the event and overall a good show. If you were busy it isn't a show you will regret missing however if you are free then it is worth going to. Heard mix reviews from the event so make sure to let me know what you think! @hangfree got burnt, did you?

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