• Luke Dillon

Donington Stage Rally

Another day another rally, due to the weather and time of year we seem to be back again for another rally. Don’t worry show and shine lovers next week it is Ultimate Dub. 

Donington stage park rally is a on track tarmac rally at Donington Park with cars ranging from swifts to 106 to escorts and fiesta's. We came today for the final day as everyone knows the drivers push it harder on the last day and with seven stages of pure fun and sliding tyres is was hard to say no.

We arrived around 10 and missed stage 1, weather was bland when we arrived and by 15:00 it was time to go as the lovely English rain came to stay. Donington Stage Rally is a cracking event for only £13.00 online, full access around the whole track for spectators and suitable hospitality for the type of event. Pit access to all cars and the freedom to walk round and see mechanics working on their cars.

Am awesome event that’s definitely worth the money, especially if you have nothing on and like to watch a little bit of racing. I may choose a different event if it was on a busy weekend however I think if the weather was a little drier it would be even more fun and make me want to stay longer. I did not really focus on what drivers positioning or time as we do not follow any motorsports and are there to see the event from the visitors perspective. But I did notice by the end of stage 4 the racing seem to become 'soft' and drivers started to push it less. This was probably due to weather and for most drivers if they crash they can not pop out another car for the next race so it is understandable.

Not a lot can be said about the event as apart from the racing and paddock area there was not a lot you could. It was great to go back to Donington Park and walk around the whole site to see where to go in summer for Trax and the truck racing.

Make sure to check out the photos we took from the event over on our downloads page. Next week we will be at Ultimate Dubs for some vdub action in door. 

As always thank you for reading!

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Thank you to Donington Stage Rally for the event!

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