• Luke Dillon

D.A.F.T - Caffeine & Machine - Monday

There is no place I would rather be on a Bank Holiday Monday than at Caffeine & Machine. No annoying revving, no one moaning about what someone has done to their car and no stupid prices for a burger.

I love Caffeine & Machine and always look forward to it, the place keeps growing and growing. Every time I go new stuff has been added or changed and you can see C&M reflect on everything they do. Even with the £5.00 parking people turn up in the masses.

The venue and concept is brilliant and even though I have never spoken to the owner you can see his passion and love for the place as he walks round and talking to likeminded car enthusiast.

A lovely day to go and was great to meet up with some familiar faces, sadly I had to go when it started to get very busy due to work but I could have walked round all day long. Some very interesting vehicles from big tractors to tanks to Urus to horse.

Being a D.A.F.T event meant the doggos were out in force and if cars, coffee, friends and doggo's do not cheer you up then I do not know what will. It is great to see everyone together in an environment where no one is snobby or moaning, even when people leave you may hear the odd blap of throttle and blow off of a turbo but everyone has started to treat the place with respect.

This is a brilliant foundation and I did see C&M post about two cars been told to not come back that I think is correct. C&M is more than just a place for car enthusiast, the place is a business and behind that business is a family. And if tits ruin it then it is affecting more than just a few car lovers, as well there is a massive bike culture following this and if this behaviour was not taken into consideration at the being, I do think we would see more than a police car.

C&M do the most they can for organisation and it is clear to see, I would advise you always take care approaching and leaving C&M as people are everywhere pulling in and out. Sometimes there is stationary cars waiting to pull in, I was watching this and trying to see how this can be minimised. I am unsure because you want people at the front so it looks good for photos and looks busy but also you do not want lots of cars because then people coming in can pull off the road.

Anyways another cracking event and I can not wait to get back, really love the place and want to see more business start doing stuff like this. And if you are reading this C&M thank you for risking everything to build C&M as it is truly awesome!

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Enjoy your week and drive safe!