• Luke Dillon

Club Stands! Japfest & Trax

We will be having club stands at Japfest Silverstone on May the 5th, Trax Donington on July the 14th and Trax Silverstone on October the 6th. Last year we went to Trax Silverstone and knew we had to come back and do more stands in 2019!

We are now accepting owners for Japfest and Trax Donington, contact us today about being on our Club Stand! Deadlines for these shows are April 8th for Japfest and June 10th for Trax Donington. We will release the password for Silverstone later in the year!

We have chosen these shows due to location but also variety, Japfest and Trax's allows a broad range of cars from show cars to track cars with a vast amount of car enthusiast.

Remember to contact me today before loosing your spot! Look forward to hearing from you! Any issues let me know!

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