• Luke Dillon

Track time at Mallory with CLIO RS200

If you have followed the channel for a while you will know about a past you would have seen our coverage of a BMW 1 series. Well Jordan the owner of the blacked out stage 2 BMW sold his hidden beast for a track pocket rocket Renault Clio RS200 - Silverstone GP Edition (22/50). Less power more grip, a lot more grip!

When purchasing the Clio he was torn between the GP and an alien green RS200, both rare in their own rights but the RS has the FSH behind it and also Jordan never heard of them until this came up for sale.

Modifications so far are:

  • KTR induction kit

  • BAF K brace

  • Power flex purple poly bushed all around

  • Scorpion non res exhaust

  • Secondary Cat delete

  • Semi Stripped out

  • PBS race pads

  • KTR grooved discs

  • RBF 660 Fluid

  • Full livery by the Kingdom Vinyls!

From the get go the Clio RS200 is a great car and cannot be faulted for price and performance. However the time and effort put into the overall look on the car with an overhaul from LB Detailing getting it back to show room condition and ceramic coating every inch of it has been the best change since purchasing the Clio.

After another round of rubber at Donington it looks like the Clio will have a half cage and harnesses for the handling but also to lock in the driver whilst on track. We look forward to seeing the Clio again soon for some more track action!

Want to find out more about this little pocket rocket?

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